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Ever in search of less friction in cable-housing interaction, Shimano uses their SIL-TEC treatment process to coat their incredibly reliable 1.6mm Stainless Steel Brake Cable (road) with PTFE (Teflon). The PTFE reduces drag in the system, resulting in quicker, more responsive braking, potentially with less lever effort. As the PTFE treatment also protects the cable from wear and infiltration from grime, water, etc., it also reduces wear so your cable and housing last longer, with better overall performance.

While Shimano is offering newer coating systems, the SIL-TEC treated cable is actually still the best seller as an upgrade from the standard stainless cable. Users report less friction resulting better feel and modulation from the caliper. While some of that is likely optimistic, there is no doubt that the 2050mm long Shimano PTFE Brake Cable delivers improved performance in the cable/housing system.

This cable this will work for front or rear road brake levers on the vast majority of frame sizes short of tandem bikes. This cable has the single rounded bulb end for in-line levers The end of the cable is finished to prevent fraying during installation and set-up. Shimano provides a small crimp-able end cap to finish the job and prevent fraying after you cut the cable to desired length.

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  • 1.6mm wound SUS stainless steel road SLR brake cable with PTFE coating
  • Works with virtually all road brake lever, dual control systems
  • Reduces friction/drag & housing inner liner wear; protects from water/grime
  • 2050mm length works for nearly all frame sizes for front or rear brake use
  • Base stainless cable resists corrosion and is extremely reliable/li>
  • PTFE (Teflon) treatment bonds to cable, is quite durable
  • Includes crimp-style end cap for 1.6mm OD cable
  • Sold as an individual cable
  • Made in Japan
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