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Road Brake Pads

Shimano offers a few different versions of replacement road brake pads (shoes) for carbon rims. If you are using recent 10 and 11 speed system road caliper or cantilever brakes, the R55C4 series pads are the correct fit and thickness, but the carbon specific rim pads also come in two pad thicknesses. This version pad is the R55C4-1, where each pad is 1mm thinner than the standard version pad for best results with contemporary 21-26mm wide carbon rims (measured at brake surface).

The R55C4 Carbon Brake Shoe compound was developed in conjunction with the R900 Dura-Ace group to deliver consistent stopping power, control, and modulation on carbon rim surfaces in all conditions. Like virtually all carbon brake pads, the compound is less effective in wet conditions. If you get caught out in the rain, the pads still help keep you in control with a little caution, but wear faster. The compound is designed to limit heat build-up at the rim surface, limiting fade under heavy use. Durability and consistency are essential to rider confidence so the everyday performance of these carbon rim brake pads is greatly appreciated by cyclists. The segmented pad surfaces allow heat, dust, and water to release during use, with plenty of pad surface for power and control. Shimano includes two pair of brake pads (for two calipers), with the four set screws for installation.

Please keep in mind that many carbon rim manufacturers require, or recommend specific pad compounds or thicknesses for their rim brake surfaces. Take the time to study their requirements and only use the proper pads when specified.

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  • One pair of road brake pads
  • Compound designed for every day use, in wet or dry conditions, ideal when dry
  • Wet conditions wear pads more quickly, and reduce stopping power/control
  • Durable, with long consistent wear in dry conditions when properly installed
  • Slotted lines segment the pad surface to release heat, grime, water
  • Works with dual pivot and direct mount calipers as listed below
  • One pair of pads outfits one brake caliper
  • Includes four brake pads, four set screws w/ mild threadlocker for installation
  • Fits: Shimano BR-9100, BR-9000, BR-9010, BR-8000, BR-7900, BR-7800, BR-7700, BR-6800, BR-6700, BR-6600, BR-6500, BR-5700, BR-5600, BR-5501, BR-5500, BR-R650, BR-R561, BR-R560, BR-CX70, as well as pad holders from other companies that use Shimano's holder/shoe standard
  • Color: Black
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