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Shimano developed the S-Phyre concept as a system, so the socks and shoes were designed to complement each other perfectly to create optimal comfort, foot stability, moisture management, and thermo-regulation, which all can seriously impact rider performance. The S-Phyre Tall Socks feature a tall cuff that is guaranteed to stay up in under any effort level. Shimano employs an asymmetrical weave process with their proprietary fabrics to create structures that ensure proper foot alignment throughout the pedal stroke, and is full of features and technologies that create an incredible sock to shoe interface, even if you opt to wear with non S-Phyre cycling shoes.

The external orientation of the alignment-inducing left/right specific ankle guides can be seen in the fine knit sock fabric, as can the upper ribbing which provides some non-bulky comfort under the cable tension devices of the S-Phyre shoes. The base of the sock has two important features, the first being the sole ventilation zone, which reduces heat and moisture build up to prevent friction or hot spots. The second is the clever reverse knit anti-slip heel, which with changing fabric orientation can make a difference even when shoe fit is near perfect,

The final knit fabric features polymide fibers (which won't absorb moisture), polyester, and elastane for stretch. The composition of various sock regions, as well as the knitted structures vary by zonal requirements. Suffice to say that this is a highly technical sock. Early feedback from testers was overwhelmingly positive, with many opting not to wear any other cycling sock with their S-Phyre shoes.

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  • Technical, super-light, highly breathable tall sock optimized for S-Phyre shoes
  • Right/Left specific design w/ ankle alignment guidance, specific shape/padding
  • Each panel and section of the sock was developed for high performance
  • The tall cuff stays up, under any effort level
  • Anti-slip heel knit meshes perfectly with S-Phyre shoes
  • Sole zone is highly breathable, to release heat and moisture
  • Materials: Polymide 58%, Polyester 34%, Elastane 8%
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL
  • Colors: Black, White, Blue, Neon Yellow
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