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For the money, few road cycling shoes can challenge the fit, feel and features of the Shimano RC502. With design and construction features carried down from the premium grade (and price) S-Phyre series, the RC502 delivers tangible and effective updates to popular RC500. With an integrated seamless midsole and upper construction this high mileage road shoe sets a new level of fit, stability and lightweight performance at this price point. It's redesigned surround wrapping upper structure reduces overlap and provides a glove-like fit, while a new perforation system ensures faster and more targeted moisture and heat release. Add in better Boa dial and and anchor locations to match the overall upper redesign and the fit on this shoe is not only more adaptable, but also more ergonomic than it's predecessor. /p>

One of the similarities with it's S-Phyre sibling is the low stack height sole, which serves to stabilize the foot closer to the pedal, which maximizes power transfer and overall pedaling efficiency while limiting foot fatigue. Instead of a very expensive carbon plate, Shimano uses their best lightweight carbon fiber reinforced nylon sole for power transfer material to create this 8-rated stiffness road outsole. While not as stiff as the exceptional carbon version, the deflection in the sole is minimal, yet more comfortable and forgiving on those long weekend rides when comfort needs to supplement overall performance.

The RC502 uses a redesigned Surround wrapping upper structure, which envelops the foot better, complementing the low stack mid-sole system. The now integrated seamless midsole and upper construction delivers a better heel lock and overall connection of the foot to the sole. Breathability is much improved over the shoe it replaces, with more, smaller perforations that are featured in a new pattern that better matches the design to release excess heat and moisture. Pulling the the upper together, and allowing for a micro-adjustability of the fit tension is a newly located Boa L6 Dial set-up that uses a crossover pattern to tension the mid and upper sections evenly via low profile glide anchor mounts more optimally placed than before- again complementing the new upper. The dial itself pops up for immediate release of all tension, while the dial action itself can micro adjust in both directions. For the toe box area the very effective hook and loop closure is simple and familiar to just about everyone.

Shimano has set standards for cycling shoes, and the Dynalast system is a great example. This foot last has a natural ergonomic shape for holding and supporting the foot while riding to best transfer power, reduce arch and forefoot fatigue, and reduce hot spots from friction. It is perhaps best known for it's "toe-spring" section, but that is a function of the overall design from heel to toe. This is complemented by their adaptable cup removable insole, standard heel cup design, and consistent width and length construction. Shimano uses their expanded SPD-SL cleat mounting range design to the RC502, with a full 22mm of fore-aft adjustment, which allows better cleat position optimization for those with more variable foot shape or personal preferences.

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  • Updated 500 series lightweight, performance road cycling shoe with great fit, price
  • Many design and tech features carried down from S-Phyre line
  • Boa retention dial and anchor system relocated for better use of anchor and wire draw angle
  • Low stack height sole helps stabilize foot, maximizes power transfer and efficiency
  • Integrated seamless midsole and upper construction set a new level of fit, stability and lightweight performance
  • Surround wrapping upper structure with new heel zone reduces overlap, provides glove-like fit
  • Redesigned breathability with new perforation lay-out with increased quantity of smaller holes with greater coverage and effectiveness
  • Mesh/TPU/Synthetic leather composite upper provides comfortable fit and better breathability
  • Boa® L6 dial for quick and precise micro-adjustment; with one toe zone Velcro strap
  • Light carbon fiber reinforced nylon sole for power transfer
  • Rated 8 on Shimano's stiffness scale
  • Expanded 22mm SPD-SL cleat adjustment range
  • Sizes: 41-48 in whole sizes
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 241 grams (per shoe, 42)
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