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Shimano achieved great success with their first true gravel shoe, the ultra-stiff and lightweight RX800. It certainly borrowed from the upper-level mountain shoe line given it's carbon sole plate and lugged tread bottom, but the RX800 featured a more stripped down upper and less overall tread to keep the weight down, with an understanding that gravel/dirt track walking wouldn't require as much grip and platform as walking on steep trails. The balance was achieved and the RX800W has been very popular, yet still it sits at $250-260 retail and some gravel riders gave feedback that the sole was a bit too stiff. Enter the 2023 model RX600W Women's Gravel Shoe, with a carbon composite mid-sole plate that isn't quite as stiff but still delivers excellent power down through the shoe to the pedal. At 257 grams, the shoe is only about 10 grams heavier than the RX800W, while costing $70 less. There are a few other differences highlighted here, but suffice to say we expect the RX600W to be even more enticing to the majority of gravel riders.

As cycling platform, the RX600W offers smooth, powerful pedaling performance and superior grip that you can trust when you find yourself off the bike. Pedaling efficiency is maintained with a pretty stiff carbon fiber, reinforced nylon midsole, while the wide-spaced lugs allow for stable, controlled walking. A synthetic leather upper features micro-perforations for ventilation, and a mesh insert provides superior breathability to facilitate improved temperature regulation on your ride. The upper is still Shimano's Surround design, which seeks to wrap the foot with no seams. The heel surround and low counter are different from the RX800W, but the fit feels comparable and secure. Shimano uses the the L6 BOA® dial closure on the RX600W, versus the more expensive and 2-way micro-adjustable IP1 of the RX800W, but most users will barely notice a difference, The L6 is proven and reliable, as it delivers an even and easily adjusted support across the top of the shoe with quick release to remove the shoe easily. The lace and anchor points of the BOA draw the upper together precisely and don't sit on sensitive bone structures. The design, function, and execution ensures your foot feels stable and supported on the pedals a while riding on the pavement or banging over rough gravel surfaces. The metatarsal zone features a simple and single Velcro strap so you can make make fast, easy adjustments in this sensitive areas any time without compromising the mid-to-upper foot shoe fit control provided by the BOA system.

Shimano continues to apply their scientifically developed and proven women's Dynalast design, which ensures the foot is securely held in place from the bottom up, creating a comfortable fit, and reducing power loss at the pedal. Dynalast also lessens fatigue during long rides by employing a toe-spring section that reduces tension in your feet, calves, and hamstrings. The primary driver of shoe satisfaction is fit, and while no shoe or design fits every rider, Shimano enjoys widespread sales, indicating that their women's fit and Dynalast approach works with a variety of foot shapes and individual preferences.

As a 2-bolt Shimano SPD shoe, all mountain pedal clip-in pedal systems are compatible with the shoe and Shimano has given the tread a bit more of a gap around the cleat mountain plate for ease of use and more balance from the TPU rubber sole lugs for a more stable feel and better walking control on all surfaces.

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  • Women's gravel shoe that offers smooth, powerful pedaling performance and superior grip that you can trust
  • Features different sole plate, heel design, and tread rubber set-up than the RX800W
  • A carbon-reinforced sole provides race-level rigidity for enduring pedaling performance on day-long rides, but is more forgiving than a full carbon option
  • Shimano Stiffness Index: 8/10 (versus the 10/10 carbon sole on the RX800W)
  • Wide outsole pattern with TPU lugs for optimal on- and off-the-bike comfort and performance
  • Lugs offer great grip and control on all surfaces in a slightly softer compound than the RX800
  • Surround wrapping upper pattern balances holding power and comfort
  • Proven women's shape Dynalast design, which ensures the foot is securely held in place from the bottom up, creating a comfortable fit, and reducing power loss at the pedal
  • BOA® L6K dial allows quick and precise micro-adjustment, while forefoot Velcro closure allows you to isolate and adjust this challenging zone at any time
  • Sole system and cleat mount placement engineered with SPD pedals for maximum pedaling efficiency and stability
  • 2-bolt SPD sole plate offers fore-aft adjustment
  • Euro whole sizes: 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42
  • Color: Stone Gray
  • Weight: 247 grams (Size 40, per shoe)
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