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Shoes & Pedals Mountain Shoes - Men

Shimano SH-XC7 Mountain Shoes

Many mountain bikers love speed and efficiency, and still embrace clipless pedals. XC Race, XC Trail, and other moderate travel riders love the pedaling power transfer of Shimano's race-level XC shoes and for those unwilling to spring for the top end S-Phyre, the SH-XC7 Mountain Shoe delivers awesome performance at a much more palatable price point. The ultra-stiff carbon sole, Michelin® tread rubber, Dynalast structure, micro-adjustable Boa® L6 dial ratchet closures, perforated supple synthetic upper, and a stealthy, clean aesthetic all demonstrate the premium characteristics of the XC7. While S-Phyre is still the R&D proving ground, the XC7 is favored by many Shimano-wearing cyclists because the fit comes together a little differently, and when it comes to cycling shoes, even on the mountain bike, nothing is more important than fit- while pedaling or in brief bike carry or safety zones.

For the XC7, the incredibly efficient, stiff UD carbon midsole/sole is built to support the the last and deliver maximum power to the pedal. Shimano has expanded the cleat mount zone, offering a full 20mm of fore-aft placement, still employing the two position receiver bolt starting points. Shimano bonds the upper to the last, blending it to the sole edges, adding reinforcement at the heel and toe zones. The outsole comes courtesy of Michelin and the multi-compound rubber, traction, and tread design is simply excellent, yet isn't heavy. Shimano has reinforced the forward replaceable spike zone, and in addition to the provided option, an 18mm version is sold separately for muddy mountain or cross event use.

The upper itself is a synthetic leather material that is cut, stitched and shaped for the anatomic requirements of the foot and ankle structures during pedaling action. The material is durable, supple, and has some stretch capability that really acts to conform to the foot better as you break the shoes in. Shimano has worked diligently to find the best anchor, leverage, and fastening points for the two Boa Powerzone tech lace closure systems. Keeping all of those physical locations off sensitive pressure zones, while still providing the best possible fit is no mean feat, and of course with the variety in foot shapes, volumes, and structure, it is possible the XC7 won't be right for you. That said the closure system is very effective and works perfectly with the upper to provide proper fit and support. The Boa L6 dials are easy to use, feature a push down button for quick release, are exceptionally durable. The system is perfect for cycling shoes, with adjustments as small as 1mm possible. The upper of the XC7 is also perforated for ventilation of heat and moisture with some air intake. Overall the effect is very clean, sleek, and fast.

Dynalast is a proven Shimano last design that employs an optimized toe-spring section that promotes a smoother, more energy-efficient upstroke. Ironically the system begins with the heel position, carries through the mid foot (arch) and to the metatarsal zone and toe angle. Shimano's research and constant feedback from sponsored cyclists helped to quantify and qualify a generalized last structure that reduces tension and frees the anatomy to move fluidly through the pedal stroke. The toe-spring section of a cycling shoe plays a key role in supporting efficient pedaling. Too high, and it causes increased tension in the plantar, calf, and hamstring muscles. Too low, and you get a bowlegged, inefficient pedaling form. Dynalast solves that, making the last "just right" for a large percentage of the cycling population.

As with all Shimano shoes, the insoles are perfectly matched to the design, with ample support, ventilation, and antimicrobial properties. The SPD 2-bolt cleat pattern is the standard for all current mountain pedals systems, and the aforementioned increase in fore-aft cleat range is sincerely appreciated. Shimano has a very clear, and easy to duplicate cleat mount gauge on the sole, making it simple to mount any new cleats exactly where you your previous pair was. Everything about the Shimano SH-XC7 MTB Shoe is engineered to deliver performance while ensuring comfort and efficiency, with ease of adjustment. The S-Phyre stands alone, but at 326 grams per shoe (size 42), the XC7 is just a few grams more and ensures about 95% of the performance a substantially lower cost.


  • Lightweight performance MTB cycling shoe with incredible fit and function
  • Ultra-rigid, lightweight MTB carbon fiber composite sole (9/12 stiffness rating)
  • Exclusive Michelin® high-traction, mud-shedding tread pattern outsole
  • Dual-density rubber compounds provide balance of grip, durability, flexibility
  • Reinforced spike mount for extreme conditions; 18mm spike sold separately
  • Proven Dynalast shape for optimized toe-spring section, comfort and power
  • Supple high-density synthetic leather with perforated venting for superior fit
  • Dual independent Boa® L6 dials allow quick, micro tension adjustments
  • Micro-adjustable wire lace Powerzone tension holds mid/forefoot securely
  • Extended fore-aft cleat adjustment- now 20mm on the shoe
  • SPD 2-bolt cleat pattern fits all MTB pedal systems
  • Carbon sole has forward facing vent for air intake
  • Anatomic supportive insole vents and has antimicrobial properties
  • Sizes: 38-48 (full sizes)
  • Colors: Black
  • Weight: 326 grams per shoe (size 42)
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