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Mountain Disc Brake Fluid & Bleed Kits

Shimano SM-DISC-BP Oil Funnel Tool with Stopper

Building out your personal bleed kit for mineral oil driven Shimano's hydraulic disc brakes? If so you'll need a few specialty items. More commonly known as the Disc Brake Bleed Oil Funnel & Stopper, this set-up isn't just helpful, but required. The Oil funnel threads directly into Shimano the hydraulic disc lever's upper bleed port, and carries an o-ring to seal the interface. The funnel collects and holds the mineral oil during the bleeding procedure. A long handled stopper with a sealing o-ring is used block the bottom of the funnel from the inside for removing the funnel from the lever, or if you get interrupted while working. Finally, a cover for the funnel's top prevents spilling while you transition the funnel to the next lever or the bench.

Shimano's hydraulic system is safe and technically simple to bleed and service, but you need the right parts and pieces. This Disc Brake Bleed Oil Funnel & Stopper for SM-DISC service is made from a composite that sheds mineral oil, and is durable for everyday shop use, and inexpensive to replace when lost or damaged. Whether you are riding road or mountain hydraulic systems, this is the current bleed funnel and stopper set, now with the advantage of the cap.


  • Required, but inexpensive bleed oil funnel, stopper, cap for Shimano hydraulics
  • Funnel is cup shaped, with bottom extension that threads into port on lever
  • Extended handle on stopper makes it easy to use- just push down, or pull up
  • Both funnel fitting and end of stopper feature simple sealing o-ring
  • Cap is placed over the top (with stopper in place) to prevent spilling mineral oil
  • Parts made from durable composite material that sheds mineral oil easily
  • Genuine Shimano part# ESMDISCBP