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Road Cables & Housing - Shift

For Shimano road and mountain shifters from 8-10 speed, there is no better 4mm shift housing than their OT-SP41 Shift Housing. If you are a dedicated home mechanic with multiple Shimano bikes, the neighborhood bike guy, a studio-style bike fitter, or shop mechanic, buying housing in bulk rolls saves you time, money, and piles of miscellaneous housing lengths. Just draw a length out of the file-type box, measure, cut and install. That is why this Shimano SP41 Shift Housing 50m Roll is so popular, even outside of serious bike shops.

The key to SP41 Shift Housing? Shimano has pre-applied a layer of their special lightweight silicone grease to the inner face of the housing liner. Not only does this allow cables to glide inside freely, because it runs the entire inner surface, it also serves to keep out water, moisture and grime. Shimano's 4mm plastic ferrules work perfectly with this housing. SP41 can also be used with 11-speed mechanical shifters, with a couple of exceptions. The redesigned rear derailleur mount and cable path of the R9100, R8000, M9000, and M8000 mean a tighter cable bend radius. SP41 is a little too stiff for those designs, and the more flexible OT-RS900 is the proper housing for those applications.

Always use a pair of fresh, sharp housing cutters, and visually check your housing end for a collapsed liner or sharp edge before installing. Use proper Shimano ferrules for best results and proper function. Enjoy the convenience, efficiency, and practicality of this 50 meter roll of Shimano SP41 4mm Shift Housing in the classic file box storage system.

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  • Pre-lubricated 4mm shift housing in bulk; boxed 50 meter roll
  • Compatible with any shift system that uses true 4mm housing
  • Shimano R9100, R8000, M9000, M8000 users should use more flexible OT-RS900 housing for rear derailleur loop (or entire run if full housing from shifter is used)
  • Inner liner coated with lightweight Shimano SP41 silicone grease
  • Reduces friction, extends housing life, prevents water infiltration-corrosion
  • Best used with Shimano plastic ferrules
  • Colors: Black, White, Gray
  • Sold as roll of 50 meters of housing in file-style dispensing box
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