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Small Parts Brake and Shifter Hoods

Shimano's STI lever hoods are known for their durability and no-slip grip, but that doesn't mean a crash or hard use won't cause damage and wear that compromises the integrity of the rubber blend lever covers. These genuine Shimano replacement hoods are designed specifically for the hydraulic brake/mechanical shift ST-RS685 STI Levers and will not fit any other model.

Sold as a left-right pair, the lever hoods features Shimano's proprietary rubber compound that ensures good grip wet or dry, and wears long under daily use. Given the complexity of the hydraulic system, their are several indentations and shapes to the lever bodies that the hoods must perfectly integrate with. These hoods are molded with precision, and can stretch just enough to get them on and properly fit, but it can take a little patience. Once installed your RS685 STI Levers will feel like they did out of the box, with the excellent feel and ergonomics you expect from Shimano.

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  • One pair of right-left specific replacement hoods for ST-RS685 STI Levers
  • Designed to match and mate perfectly to the shapes of the lever bodies
  • Durable, with excellent no-slip grip in sweaty, wet or dry conditions
  • Genuine Shimano Replacement Part # Y07X98080
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