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Many bikes ridden today use cable actuated mountain bike-type V-brake levers: mountain, hybrid, townie, kid's bikes, etc, for either caliper, V-brakes, or mechanical disc brake use. When you need to do a full cable and housing replacement, upgrade, or just get new equipment installed, this Shimano Mountain Brake Cableset is the best option to get everything you need in a single purchase. Not only that but the overall quality is very good, with two 1.6mm diameter Shimano's SUS stainless steel brake cables, M-System 5mm black housing, along with the ferrules and endcaps you need to properly install the set.

The wound SUS stainless steel strand cables resist corrosion, are strong and reliable, and have the lollipop style barrel end that so many non-road bike brake levers require. The Shimano Stainless Steel Brake Cable's strands feature curved surfaces, which limit drag within the housing and increases overall durability and longevity of both cable and housing. You get a short 1000mm cable for the front brake, and a longer 2050mm cable for the rear brake, which is generally long enough for disc brake placements for frame and fork.

The M-System housing has a supple, durable outer jacket to protect it against the rigors of the trail (or urban lock-up points). The liner is soft and and increases overall flexibility for challenging routing without compromising brake power or modulation. 2200mm are included, which is generally enough for all but the largest size frames if you plan or need to run full housing from lever to brake caliper. Shimano recommends their Cable Grease be used at installation for advanced life, water and grime protection, as well as to reduce friction, but it isn't required. Black, sealed aluminum brake ferrules are included, along with 2 endcaps for the 1.6mm cables.

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  • Quality cable/housing set for mechanical brakes with mountain-style levers
  • Cable ends feature the lollipop-style round barrel that fits into lever pull point
  • 1.5mm SUS stainless steel wound strand cables with rounded edges, stainless barrel
    • Two lengths: 1000mm, 2050mm
  • M-System housing is durable, supple, and features soft inner liner
    • 2200mm roll of black 5mm brake housing
  • Sealed aluminum ferrules help protect inner system from water, dust, grime
  • Includes: cables, housing, 2 ferrules, 2 endcaps for 1.6mm cable
  • Shimano part# Y80098021
  • Made in Japan
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