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A great cost-effective replacement cable for road or mountain bike cable-actuated brake systems, the Shimano Double Ended-Brake Cable, is perfect for cyclists with a family's worth of adult and kid's bikes gracing the garage. Replacing a damaged or old brake cable is simple. This cable allows you to have fewer cables on hand. The 1.6mm diameter wound steel brake cable has been the standard for years, and as this cable has the typical road rounded-oval brake lever cable end, as well as the true round lollipop barrel used on linear brake type mountain bike brake levers. You simply cleanly cut of the end you don't need and you have the cable you do need.

This 2050mm long brake cable is plenty long enough to work on front or rear brake for most standard bikes, even many recumbents. Others that are especially long, such as a tandem bike's rear brake could require up to a 3500mm cable. There is nothing fancy here, just a great basic cable that is exceptionally reliable, durable and performs it's task. While it has no special treatment to fight corrosion, it can be augmented with light viscosity cable grease, such as Shimano's silicone-based Cable Grease for added protection and reduced friction. Generally we recommend a Shimano's Stainless Steel Brake Cable as a basic option, especially if you ride regularly in the rain or live close to salt water, as stainless steel resists corrosion well. However, if cost and climate aren't issues, this Double-Ended Brake Cable is ideal to have on hand to service the family fleet.

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  • Wound steel strand brake cable for road or mountain bike brake levers
  • Barrels are integrated with cable, very reliable and durable to daily use
  • Cleanly cut barrel end off that you don't need
  • Standard 1.6mm diameter bicycle brake cable
  • Length: 2050mm
  • Long enough for front or rear use on most adult and kids's bikes
  • Includes end cap to finish cut end after installation
  • Made in Japan
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