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The steel Shimano Shift Cable is the least expensive wound steel cable offered by the Japanese component manufacturer. That said, it is actually a quality cable is probably installed on more bikes in the world than any other. The 1.2mm cable works with virtually all road and mountain shifters works except for Campagnolo (which has a smaller barrel fitment at the end).

There is nothing fancy here, just a great basic cable that is exceptionally reliable, durable and performs it's task. While it has no special treatment to fight corrosion, it can be augmented with light viscosity cable grease, such as Shimano's silicone-based Cable Grease for added protection and reduced friction. Generally we recommend Shimano's Stainless Steel Shift Cable as the basic option, especially if you ride regularly in the rain, or live close to salt water as stainless steel resists corrosion well. However, if cost and climate aren't issues, this Shift Cable gets the job done. The barrel end it standard for most shifters. Shimano finishes the end so it won't fray during storage or installation, and provides a crimp-style alloy end cap so you can finish the job once you cut the cable to installed length.

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  • Wound steel strand cable with barrel end fitment for road or mountain shifter use
  • Barrel is integrated with cable, very reliable and durable to daily use
  • 1.2 diameter wound cable with finished end to prevent fraying
  • Includes crimp-style alloy end cap for finish and protection after cutting to length
  • Length: 2100mm
  • Made in Japan
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