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If you are a Shimano drivetrain cyclist, listen up. The TL-CN34 Chain Tool is the premier tool for removing and installing chain pins on Shimano chains. No single task is more crucial to drivetrain safety than a properly serviced chain. Compatible with 6-11 speed of nearly all Shimano chain types, the TL-CN34 is the top quality pro and shop mechanic tool for 11-speed, and if you are riding 11-speed, you must use an 11-speed compatible chain tool to remove and drive pins properly.

There are a few keys to the precision and reliability of the TL-CN34. The first is the chromoly steel construction of the stock and handle. At 349 grams, with oversized ergnomic grip and drive handle, this tool feels solid and reassuring. The second is the fact that the drive handle glides on ball bearings which not only produce smooth action, but an incredibly consistent drive path. Third, the central stock is plated for both durability and visibility, allowing the user excellent contrast to the chain that is being serviced. All of these factors contribute to the overall quality, performance, and value of the tool.

Of course, as with all Shimano chain tools, the TL-CN34 removes and retains the excess ring that comes off the rivet when cutting a chain, meaning it can't foul up the works, and can easily be disposed of. The base of the central stock also features a cylindrical hole for removing the excess guide stock of a new chain pin after proper insertion. It is true that the CN28 11-speed tool also performs all the necessary actions listed here, and shop techs might gravitate to it strictly on price. Please remember that pro and shop techs drive pins as routinely as most cyclists use a fork to eat. The CN34 has the smoothest, most precise action, which allows the user to have excellent feel for the job. And while serious techs can certainly benefit from the precision and longevity, the home mechanic will actually benefit more from the TL-CN34 while using it sparingly. The less you use it, the more feel and control matter.

Shimano provides two spare chain driving pins, housed in the grip handle. These thread into the brass fitment on the stock. Chain pins don't generally wear out, it is more likely they can fatigue over considerable use, or perhaps the user makes a mistake and bends the pin slightly. Never use a bent pin. For most users three pins will last a lifetime. And a lifetime tool this. The TL-CN34 may seem pricey, but unless you are a pretty experienced mechanic, driving chain pins isn't second nature, and an improperly driven could well result in crash that costs for more than the best Shimano chain tool made. You know what we mean?

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  • Pro team and shop quality chain tool for servicing Shimano 6-11 speed chains
  • Chromoly steel stock and handles are solid, precise, and reliable
  • Central stock chrome plated for hardness to resist wear, offers contrast viewing
  • Oversized grip handle has ergonomic shape, has storage for two spare drive pins
  • Long, leverage friendly lever handle is easy to use and feels stout in hand
  • Lever handle axle rides on ball bearings for smooth, precise, consistent action
  • Hole in base of central stock is for removing excess guide pin post-insertion
  • Compatible with:
    • Shimano UG, HG, HG-X, HG-EV, IG 6/7/8/9/11-spd, 1/2" x 1/8" (CN-NX10) chains
  • Includes: 2 spare drive pins
  • Weight: 349 grams
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