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Chainring bolts have changed over the years, with more emphasis on full hex and/or Torx bolts and receivers. Shimano is using Torx T40 chainring bolts in most of it's new crankset featuring the asymmetrical 4-arm design. The TL-FC22 Chainring Nut Tool Wrench offers a two sided tool, one with a traditional slotted interface for old school chainring bolt receivers, and a T40 hexalobular interface on the other. Each hardened steel tool features gets centering guide pin, but have different finishes, with the T40 getting the shiny chromium version to maintain optimal precision with heavy use.

The compact TL-FC22 is configured in a right angle, with each axis bearing a tool end. A high strength molded composite wrap creates better leverage with a loop at the crux for better purchase. Every home mechanic with an 11-speed crankset can take full advantage of this tool, and it is the perfect size for race or event travel as well. Genuine Shimano tools are not only extremely effective for their designed task and fit Shimano's components perfectly, they are highly desirable for durability and smart design.

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  • Chainring nut wrench tool for T40 and traditional slotted chainring bolts
  • Easy hold and deliver leverage with 90 degree shape
  • Hardened steel with two tool ends, slotted in nickel, Torx T40 in chromium
  • Both tools feature centering guide pin for precise alignment
  • Molded composite, textured handle with center loop for easy grip
  • Perfect for home, travel, and event use
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