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Tools & Maintenance Bottom Bracket, Cassette, & Cog Tools

Shimano TL-FC36 Adapter Installation Tool

When Shimano designs tools, they are meant to be task specific to Shimano proprietary components, and are always shop-grade construction. Meaning, you will not find Shimano producing hex wrenches, hammers and general shop tools. This permits focus on proprietary tools that offer the ultimate service experience.

The TL-FC36 is specifically designed to install and remove Hollowtech (and non-Shimano Hollowtech-style) bottom bracket cups and 15/20mm rotor lockrings. The body is constructed of heat treated steel that is nickel plated, resulting in the familiar Shimano satin finish. The business end of the tool features a precise laser-cut pattern to offer a secure and perfect fitment to bottom bracket cups and lockrings. This minimizes rounded edges on your components and makes for successful service sessions. The TL-FC36 handle is offset to provide clearance and better tool-component alignment. The end of the tool features a knurled plastic handle for both grip and comfort. Considering all of the Hollowtech and non-Shimano Hollowtech-like products on the market, this is a must for any toolbox or service center.


  • Fits Hollowtech and Hollowtech-style bottom brackets
  • Fits 15/20mm oversize lockrings
  • Offset handle for added clearance and proper alignment
  • Precise laser cut profile
  • Nickel plating with satin finish adds durability and corrosion protection
  • Medium durameter, knurled plastic handle for grip and comfort
  • Shop-grade quality
  • Made in Japan