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To get cyclists and mechanics started with the updated and redesigned Di2 shifting system for Ultegra R8100-series 12-speed components, Excel Sports is offering this special component kit package for faster, easier purchase. You get the key Di2-related components and essentials that are required for a frame build with hydraulic disc braking. We have also included the new Battery, a 12-Speed chain, and your choice of the R8100 cassette options (11-3T or 11-34T). Given the challenge of sourcing Ultegra components, we are assembling these kits as items become available. Please know that some kits will come with the Shimano-boxed Lever with Caliper, while others may come with individually packaged lever, caliper, and hydraulic hose kit items. Other components that have options specific to a frame/rider/set-up are offered separately.

The 12-Speed R8100 series is only available in the new Di2 system, and won't be offered for mechanical shifting. Shimano is referring to this as "wired-less", as the shift levers powered by coin cell style batteries, while an internal seatpost mounted battery is wired to the front and rear derailleurs. This eliminates complicated E-Tube wire routing in today's fully integrated cockpit and keeps the system in premium efficiency all around. The engineers believe in the value of a long running battery and the proper power to drive the servo motors of the derailleurs. Every detail, every decision, and every component of the R8100 series is engineered to deliver a faster, more reliable, and more intuitive ride experience than the previous generation. Shimano dedicated years of research, development, and testing to re-imagine and improve this Di2 system.

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  • Ultegra R8100 Di2 12-speed components and selected items in an Excel Sports kit package
  • Contains: Di2 Shift/Brake Levers w/Calipers | Di2 Front/Rear Derailleurs | BT-DN300 Battery, | EW-EC300 USB-A Charging cable for RD | Chain | Cassette (your choice in the selection menu of 11-30, 11-34)
  • You will still need: New EW-SD300 e-Tube wires (2) of frame dictated length from bottom of your seatpost to the FD, and RD | 12s Shimano Crankset with chainring combo and arm length of choice, 24mm Bottom Bracket that fits your frame | 2 Disc Brake Rotors (RT-MT800 or equivalent) in your desired size(s)
  • Delivers 58% faster rear shifting and 45% faster front shifting compared to the wired R8100-series Di2
  • HYPERGLIDE+ improves shifting both up and down the cassette, even under maximum pedaling load
  • Drivetrain features optimized gearing options engineered for performance, speed without sacrificing drivetrain efficiency
  • Detailed Kit Contents (All weights are as listed by Shimano, unless specified)
  • ST-R8170 Shift/Brake Levers / 2x12-speed Dual-Control with Calipers (approx 358g each side)
    • Wireless Di2 connectivity (CR1632 coin cell powered secure signal sent to RD)
    • Programmable button function; compatible with satellite shifter
    • One SD300 satellite shifter port per lever
    • Refined hood for improved ergonomics and aerodynamics
    • Hoods are taller with a slight curve inward for a more secure, natural position and control
    • Improved button access, plus carryover of the top-of-hood accessory button
    • 4.6mm longer reach on hood body for increased security and control
    • Braking: SERVO WAVE technology enhances brake performance
    • Faster initial bite point followed by wider control area; modulate braking forces more easily, precisely
    • Calipers have refined design, improved performance from Servo Wave technology of brake lever system
    • Separate bleed port and valve screw improve the bleeding process
    • 13% wider control area from the brake lever; 10% wider pad clearance
  • FD-R8150 Front Derailleur (braze-on type only), 116g
    • Specific to the 12-speed system
    • Smaller (33% less frontal area), lighter, much better clearance on wide tire frame designs
  • RD-R8150 Rear Derailleur, 262g
    • Shimano Shadow design is compact to the frame
    • Integrated D-FLY Connectivity, Charging Port, LED Indicator, Function Button
    • Compatible with 11-28, 11-30, 11-34 12-speed Shimano road cassettes
  • Di2 E-Tube BT-DN300 Built-in (Internal seatpost) Battery, 52g
    • Three SD300 e-Tube wire ports for direct FD, RD (shifters if desired) connection
    • Rated capacity (Ah): 0.5
    • Rated capacity (Wh): 3.7
    • Rated voltage (V): 7.4
    • Includes small parts and hardware for mounting inside seatpost (some posts may require a specific inner sleeve per post shape and diameter)
  • EW-EC300 USB-A Charging cable with magnetic interface (affixes to Rear Derailleur when needed)
  • CN-M8100-12 HG Chain, 251g (actual)
    • Design was updated and changed for M8100 XT, also official road chain option for R8100
    • SIL-TEC treatment for extended wear, durability
    • QUICK-LINK (SM-CN910-12) Single-use master link
  • CS-R8100 12-Speed Cassette (Choose your option in the selection menu)
    • Upgraded cassette tooth and combination system for 12-speed road with HyperGlide+
    • Refined 12 step gear combination provides peak efficiency and accelerating performance for every situation
    • Maintained 11T small cog for overall efficiency: better wear with less friction than smaller cogs
    • All cogs are steel, nickel-plated for longevity, corrosion resistance
    • Dual aluminum spiders (5-block, 2-block; plus 5 single cogs, necessary spacers), HG lockring
    • Compatible with HG11 and new Shimano 12-spd freehub bodies
    • Options/Cogs/Weight:
      • 11-30T: 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-24-27-30 T / 291 grams
      • 11-34T: 11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-24-27-30-34 T / 345 grams
    • Finish: R8100-series Darkest Grey
    • Sold as a package- absolutely NO exchanges, trades, omissions; will not be broken up for sale
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