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Wheels Road Disc Wheels - Carbon

If you are looking for a mid-tall aero wheelset that offers real benefits at a great price, and one this built with long term durability, serviceability, and everyday value in mind, the Ultegra WH-R8170-C60-TL Wheelset was built for you. Sold here as a Rear Wheel only, in case you may want to opt for a 50mm front version, the WH-R8170-C60 is also sold as a set. In conjunction with the release of their 12-speed groupsets, Shimano also updated, redesigned, and rolled out impressive Ultegra-level wheelsets like this 60mm deep model. For true road and allroad wheels, a new full carbon wider rim shape available was developed in three depths to modernize the line and deliver better aerodynamic overall performance while delivering superior tubeless ready capability. The rims are lighter, reducing rotational weight, and Shimano's proven hub technologies have been tapped into for their comprehensive strength, precision machining, and complete serviceability. The anodized Ultegra rear hub gets the job done with a Pawl Ratchet engagement system that ensures responsive power transfer or immediate response from pedal input, while the superior design and build quality of the wheel overall delivers efficiency. All R8170 Ultegra-level wheels have an 11-speed version which is forward compatible with 12-speed cassettes.

The mid-tall depth version of the rim is the 60mm R8170-C60-TL, when complete a 1570 gram wheelset optimized for racing and riding when you can maximize the depth on rolling or flat roads where more aerodynamic value is utilized. The D2 rim shape design reduces drag better than competitors at yaw angles ranging from 0 to 15 degrees. It features a 21mm internal rim width complemented by a 28mm external width that matches exceptionally well aerodynamically with 26-30mm tires, but is capable of carrying 25-32mm options safely. Braking control comes from the easy-to-use Shimano-developed Center Lock disc brake rotor mount that is now ubiquitous throughout road and gravel cycling. This Ultegra wheelset saves you money at the hub, versus the Dura-Ace model, and while there is a weight penalty, the rotational weight is the same, making this cost-effective wheelset efficient indeed.

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  • Tubeless/clincher carbon rear wheel with 60mm depth optimal for all-around riding and racing with mid-aero benefits
  • Shimano's Science of Speed: wheel performance dictated by aerodynamics, rigidity and weight
  • Drive rigidity has improved overall by 69% over previous series
  • Energy required for acceleration has been reduced by 10%
  • D2 rim shape design reduces drag better than competitors at yaw angles ranging from 0 to 15 degrees
  • Rim design also boosts lateral wheel stiffness and offers improved vertical compliance for increased control, comfort and durability
  • C60 rim is lighter, along with overall wheelset weight, for less rotational weight- allowing it to spin up faster with less effort
  • Rim details: CFRP, 60mm profile, 21mm IRW, 28mm ERW, Hooked clincher/tubeless interface
  • Tire size range: 700x25-32mm
  • Rear Hub: Shimano Ultegra R8170 12mm TA CL Disc; straightpull flanges, oversized anodized aluminum axles, Contact seals, Angular Contact, loose ball stainless steel bearings; Polished cup, CBN finish cone; fully serviceable; pawl ratchet type freehub drive for 11-speed steel HG freehub, compatible with 11, 12-speed Shimano road cassettes
  • Rear Spokes/Lacing: 24 stainless steel straightpull spokes, 14 gauge, bladed/butted; external alloy nipples (3.4mm tool)
  • OPTBAL rear wheel spoke system features 24 spokes: 16 on the drive side and 8 on the non-drive side
  • Included: tubeless rim tape & valve (installed)
  • Disc interface: Center Lock
  • Hub thru-axle / spacing: Rear 12/142 mm
  • Freehub: HG11 (compatible with 11, 12-speed Shimano cassettes)
  • Color: Series Black
  • Weight: 911 grams
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