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Shoes Buckles & Small Parts

OE Universal Large Buckle and Strap set for Shimano R310, R300, R240, R220, R190, M310, M300, M240, M230, WR81 and WR80 shoes. Set includes 2 buckles, two straps and screws. Installation of both buckles and straps is simple and only takes a few minutes.

Shimano had become one of the premium names in cycling footwear due to excellent fit, features and durability. Like the other top end footwear providers, Shimano makes many of the small parts available so you can get the full lifespan from your shoes even if a buckle or strap becomes worn or fails. If you have any of the models listed above, we strongly suggest having a spare buckle and strap kit in your toolbox and perhaps another in your race kit.

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  • Spring loaded buckle clasps
  • Durable ratchet straps
  • 2 pre-thread locked mounting screws included
  • Shimano part number ESHUNILBS
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