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For riders wanting the best feeling, most predictable entry and release action, Shimano's SPD Mountain pedals have always been the go to choice. Shimano's XTR PD-M9100 Race mountain pedals takes the most refined mountain bike pedal system to the next level with a few subtle tweaks over the M9000.

A new axle design now allows better biomechanics, mud shedding and debris flow. The strong and durable chrome-moly spindle is slimmer for two main benefits. The platform is a little larger and lower putting the foot closer to the axle for better pedaling. A slimmer axle allows for more space between the axle body housing and outer frame. This combined with an oval shape on the body housing and a non-stick Teflon coating takes mud shedding ability to new heights. So performance in muddy conditions, once a slight SPD weakness, is now a strength.

Wider bearing placement and a new bearing to axle interface provides increased stiffness and increased bearing life thanks to less strain. Shoe to pedal contact area is more generous too with more pedal surface machining increasing platform size. Entry and release adjustment is accomplished with a 2.5mm Allen/Hex wrench. There are four positions and each quarter turn is a different position. Clockwise increases tension and counterclockwise reduces tension.

The M9100 Race pedals install with a 8mm Allen/Hex wrench (left pedal has a left hand thread). Grease the threads before installation and tighten to 10Nm. Included is a set of SH-51 cleats and hardware. You may want to use grease or blue thread lock on the cleat hardware rechecking tightness after a couple rides. SH-56 multi-release cleats (available separately) are also compatible and can be useful for lighter weight/more tentative riders however the vast majority will want to stick with the SH-51 cleats.

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  • 306 grams actual weight
  • Includes SH-51 cleats
  • Adjustable entry and release tension
  • Robust, dependable retention claws
  • Wider bearing placement
  • Slimmer, lighter axle
  • Durable chrome-moly spindle
  • Oval shaped axle body housing for improved mud and debris evacuation
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