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Like it's Genius road sibling, the Dominator-series mountain shoes from Sidi have a long and storied history and have been exceptionally popular due to the combination of performance, durability, style, fit, and long-term value. Yes, the sizing and fit are representative of Italian footwear, but many find the standard fit to work with their feet. As with any cycling shoe, fit is paramount. Many US-raised cyclists find the shoe a little narrow, but others love the support and feel, and that pertains to wider, higher-volume feet as well. Sidi's designers have pushed the Dominator series forward with the 10 model, delivering a new sole, upper, and closure design to go along with several long-proven Sidi features.

The Sidi MTB sole platform of choice for all-purpose mountain shoes is the RS17. This sole is made with a Nylon and PU blend, which results in a lighter, stiffer model than used in previous Dominator models. You get great support and more consistent sole response with excellent power transfer. There is just enough of the famed Sidi torsional flex to ease fatigue and unnatural pressure points while providing inline pedal power transfer but subtle flex while walking. The tread system is a durable PU-based firm rubber that wears well and delivers grip. The RS17 also added a replaceable Toe Tread system, further adding to Sidi's reputation for longevity.

The Microtech microfiber upper has a similar feel and comfort to older Genius models, but is a truly new component, and features dual Tecno 3 lacing systems. The material itself is made with a Water-tech treatment process that is much more eco-friendly. The material is water resistant, breathable, and as supple as older versions while being just as hard-wearing over long years and mileage. The closure system features a single top dial and lace that allows infinite adjustment of the fully manually adjustable and familiar Soft Instep Closure System (SIS). The thin but effective EVA foam pad reduces pressure points and keeps you comfortable. The second Tecno 3 system pulls from two anchor points and controls the forefoot and midfoot tension and fit. The upper has been cut specifically for this set-up, so the anchors draw the material close along the foot's curvature, with excellent effect for most wearers and delivering exceptional foot stability and comfort during long hard efforts. And yes, unlike many wire lace systems, the shoe still has a standard tongue design.

The Dominator 10 also has the comfortable, proven Sidi Heel Cup design, which is perhaps the best non-adjustable heel cup set-up ever made. It is designed to cradle and wrap the heel, preventing slip, even if you run tension a little loose up front. As you'd expect, virtually all of the component pieces of the SIS and Tecno 3 systems are replaceable, as is the toe tread. This seriously upgraded Dominator 10 only enhances what Sidi fans love about their shoes, with real benefits and the same last you have come to know and trust.

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  • Upgraded and improved, highly regarded MTB shoe for all-purpose trail, gravel use
  • MTB RS17 sole made with a Nylon and PU blend; lighter, stiffer than previous
  • Sole offers some torsional flex, stiff in pedal plane; as well as easier walking than a pure carbon sole
  • Microtech microfiber upper is durable, lightweight, breathable, water resistant, eco-friendly
  • Perforations and above-toe mesh panels offer easy heat release
  • Dual Tecno 3 dial/lacing system has upper solo pull and lower has fore and midfoot pull
  • Tecno 3 parts are both durable and replaceable
  • Multi-part Soft Instep (SIS) closure system offers ample adjustability, replaceable parts
  • Standard Sidi Heel Cup has long been favored for great support and hold
  • Replaceable Toe Tread Insert system (Sidi offers a toe protector cap, sold separately)
  • Perforated thin Sidi insole
  • 2-bolt SPD-style cleat interface with fore-aft adjustment
  • Color: Black/Grey
  • Weight: 366g / per shoe (Size 43)
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