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Shoes Mountain Shoes - Men

A cyclocross or XC-race level cycling shoe must be designed to optimize performance while still being comfortable and capable for the occasional bike carry section. The Dragon 5 has seen some revisions from the previous version, but the essential concepts and design cues remain the same. Sole stiffness is paramount to power transfer, yet must be inherently comfortable and supportive over thousands of revolutions in a single event under great physical and mental stress. The last and upper must complement the stiff sole to ensure this comfort. Fit must be completely adjustable both for comfort, but also for performance. The heel retention, closure systems, and incredible upper more than match the awesome sole. No matter how much the rider would like to never dab a toe or have to carry the bike through a dangerous or steep section, those requirements are often built into courses. In this case the stiff sole becomes the rider's enemy. Sidi solves this with a softer rubber tread system that provides great grip over rocky surfaces in wet or dry conditions, and is replaceable, because softer rubber wears very quickly. As a complete shoe, the Dragon 5 is close to ideal for XC racing and trail use, as well as for cyclocross. The proven Sidi technologies that bring the Dragon 5 to life are not just bells and whistles, but optimized components that deliver a shoe that is a truly integrated system.

The MTB Carbon SRS sole is actually quite thin, with complex molding, and wraps up on the outer edges for additional upper support. The shape and carbon lay-up provide the exceptional power transfer desired, but Sidi firmly believes in a slight amount of torsional flex even in their stiffest soles. In-line pedaling power is optimal, but the slight flex eases the stress on the foot because the body doesn't always align directly over the pedal. The rider moves, twists, leans, etc. This is the benefit of years of experience working with cyclists and an understanding of human anatomy and kinesiology. The sole is shaped within to Sidi's anatomic footbed, which has a narrower stance than many shoes, the narrow mid-foot provides arch support with the progressive curve of the instep, as the upper pulls up and onto the arch. So instead of a firm sole arch lift, the more supple upper is used to match the shape of each individual foot. It is this feature that may well define the superior fit and feel that Sidi riders love the most.

The upper is a new proprietary Techpro eco-friendly synthetic leather that supports, breathes, and has supple feel, but is actually durable and light weight. Heat and moisture are released, air travels in, complementing the more supportive fit. The incredible Heel Cup is narrow and deep, with a taper that hugs the back of the heel and lower ankle, locking the heel in place in a properly fitted shoe. Sidi has developed a new Heel Cup system that is lighter, offers great retention, and more comfortable than the adjustable version the Dragon 4 carried. Locking the fore foot along with the mid-foot is a combination of retention systems. At the metatarsal zone, a simple but secure velcro strap gets the job done. The mid-foot zone gets a single Tecno 3 Push-Dial Adjuster. This Sidi design pulls a wire that spreads the pulling force from a wider area, without stressing the foot. The arch and mid-foot fit is crucial, and the Tecno 3 Push is perfect- fast and easy to use. Upper foot/ankle retention is unique combination of a short wire Tecno 3 Push-Dial Adjuster with the newly shaped Soft Instep 4 pad that distributes soft force over a more strategic zone, without impinging on the flexing ankle. The anchoring side of the pad is adjustable so it can be centered perfectly for every rider. The combination of the three systems ensures the fit is completely unique for each foot, in any weather or race conditions.

For the tread system, Sidi uses the Sole Replacement System (SRS) that they pioneered. The shaped tread blocks and mid-foot grip plate screw directly in the sole. If they wear out, you can simply replace each or every piece as you need to. The softer rubber ensures superior grip, even with the stiff sole. These pieces also protect the sole from damage. That means although this a race-level shoe, you can keep it performing season after season. Sidi owners expect to to wear their shoes for several years and the Dragon 5 will carry the tradition forward. One note on fit. This standard Sidi fit is intended to be a D- width, but with the narrow toe box and lower volume build the Italians seem to prefer, they can feel small on American feet. The key to being happy with any shoe is fit, and while Sidi is known for excellent fit, the last shape and overall upper construction must be right for your foot.

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  • Re-designed race-level XC and cyclocross focused shoe with incredible stiffness, retention, and fit
  • MTB SRS Carbon Carbon composite sole with fully replaceable sole tread inserts offers stiffness but a hint of torsional flex for comfort on and off the bike
  • SRS tread blocks, mid-foot grip plate, are softer for grip and feel, replaceable
  • All new upper and tongue design featuring Sidi’s proprietary Techpro eco-friendly synthetic leather
  • Utilizes Sidi’s Tecno 3 Push-Dial Adjusters for a perfect fit; Sidi Security Velcro strap for metatarsal/toe zone
  • Upper closure features newly shaped Soft Instep 4 pads
  • All Tecno 3 parts and Soft Instep 4 pad are replaceable
  • All new Heel Cup design that is lighter with greater retention and comfort
  • Reinforced toe section for potential bike carry/hike a bike sections
  • Sidi standard fit in sizes: 40-46.5 in half sizes, 47, 48
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Made in Italy
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