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Shoes & Pedals Road Shoes - Mens

Sidi Genius 7 Carbon Road Shoe

The Genius road shoe has been a staple of the Sidi line-up for decades. Year after year the design carries common features, function and overall design. The Genius 7 Carbon Road Shoe will be strikingly familiar to anyone who has owned a Genius model, with with current technologies and design cues, yet retaining that genuine Sidi fit.

The heart of the classic Sidi feel is the super durable and supple Microfiber and Microtech Mesh upper. With anatomic cues where retention and power distribution is required and mesh ventilation to allow air in and escape it, taking moisture and heat with it. The materials are also highly water resistant so the shoes can dry quickly, and reduce the risk of fabric damage and mold growth. The Sidi reinforced heel cup, essential to the function and popularity of recent Genius shoes, anchors the heel in place, reducing chance of slippage, and ensuring effective power transmission on the upstroke. Closure is from a three strap system, the best in the the business. The fore and mid foot straps are High Security Velcro, and feature plastic polymer tooth engagement segments sewn into the strap which hold and maintain your strap placement perfectly, as the polymer teeth won't allow the Velcro to stretch and pull under high exertion levels.

The upper strap carries the Sidi Soft Instep 2 pad, which distributes force and pressure over a wider area, eliminating specific pressure points. The large pad also give the sensation of greater hold. The anchor portion is an adjustable tooth-edge strap that allows you to center the pad over the top of your foot. A ratcheting strap is an individual part, sliding through an anchor in the Soft Instep 2 structure, and fits into the Caliper Buckle ratchet system. The Caliper Buckle and Strap can be replaced, as can the Soft Instep 2 pad, which is one reason why Sidi shoe users enjoy long shoe life and consistent performance.

The upper assembly and board last are attached to a Millenium 5 carbon sole. Sidi constructs the sole in a nylon matrix, which is then infused with carbon fiber. This infusion of carbon fiber in the nylon increases sole stiffness and durability, ensuring optimum performance in the face of prolonged use and temperature changes. The Millenium 5 is an endurance riders dream, and ideal for the vast majority of road cyclists. Sidi has long believed that in-line stiffness is crucial to power transfer but tiny amounts of flex allow the foot to behave normally. You won't feel the flex, per se, but it helps to prevent fatigue and pressure points, especially on long hot days in the saddle.

As with the upper closure system, the redesigned Millenium 5 Sole Heel Pad is replaceable, so when you need to walk a little, the pad is soft enough to deliver grip and safety. When it wears out, you can replace it. This Genius 7 Carbon Road Shoe is designed for use with 3-bolt road cleat systems. Sidi provides an excellent cleat positioning marking system which makes accurately transferring cleats from Sidi shoe to Sidi shoe simple and precise. These features and attention to detail have been hallmarks of Sidi's success for years, and the company set the standards that nearly every other shoe company aims for. The fit is considered a "regular fit", which intended to be a D-width in European shoes, but tends to feel a bit narrower, especially in the toe for North American's. Still the slipper-like fit, excellent power transfer, longevity, and striking design continually positions Sidi as a market leader, and the Genius 7 Carbon Road Shoe is one of the best road shoes available.


  • Carbon-soled road shoe built for longevity, comfort, and performance
  • Millenium 5 carbon sole- carbon infused nylon matrix construction delivers power
  • Microfibra Microtech upper features microfiber synthetic and mesh materials
  • Soft Instep 2 closure is anatomic with a soft, thermo-formed EVA pad that distributes pressure evenly over the instep area, is adjustable for centered fit
  • Two High Security Velcro straps secure the fore and mid foot, and the replaceable Caliber Buckle and Strap ratchets the Soft Instep 2 into place
  • Sidi Heel Cup helps to anchor ankle, preventing slippage and heel lift
  • Sidi Standard foam insole is thin, reduces friction, conforms to last and foot
  • Designed for 3-bolt road pedal/cleat systems, with alignment marking
  • Millenium 5 sole Anti-Slip Heel Pad is replaceable
  • Sizes: 40-48, with half size options in some colorways
  • Colors: Black/Red, Shadow Black, Shadow White/Black
  • Made in Italy
Mens        6.577.588.599.259.751010.2510.751111.511.7512.2512.7513
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