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Shoes Road Shoes - Mens

DMT has long had a principled approach to creating cycling shoes that challenge the standard ideas about fit, comfort and power transfer. With their newest knitted upper footwear the Italian company has developed a series of shoes that lay down yet another gauntlet to their competitors. Ultra light, fast, extremely comfortable, the KRSL represents the pinnacle of performance improving on all the best features of DMT knit footwear. Working with state of the art knit technology DMT has created an extremely light shoe that offers excellent energy transfer thanks to a new generation anatomically fitted carbon SL outsole, a lace-up system that allows for true personalization of fit, and an integrated upper construction that adapts perfectly to each rider’s feet. These have been developed and tested with World Tour riders in the crucible of the most challenging pro cycling races.

Literally the next generation of footwear technology. DMT are specialists in producing technical knit footwear. Working with the most demanding athletes the company has ensured that there is no compromise between comfort and performance. Using technical yarns and specific Engineered Knit structures, their designers match the exact needs for each style of cycling and each zone of the shoe. Trying on a pair of DMT knit shoes will completely change the way that you think of cycling footwear. Light, less bulky, excellent fit, superior breathability and fast drying. With no compromise between fit and support thanks to the slightly elastic construction, their goal is that you forget that you are even wearing shoes on your next ride. The upper joins, in a unified build, with a stretch "tongue" that allows you to slip your feet in. The laces are designed to stay tied, and pull through integrated cord eyelets. The upper is flexible enough that you can relax the lacing at the metatarsal zone, but maintain a tighter fit through the rest of the lacing. With the premium grade KRSL Road Shoe you get the ultimate in upper comfort and support with excellent breathability and overall moisture transfer.

For the impressively aerated carbon outsole, the DMT team created an incredibly lightweight, sculpted design that delivers proper arch support and power transfer. The three port ventilation system in the sole allows air in under the toe box, rear arch zone and just ahead of the heel to ensure heat and moisture reduction. Combined with the knitted upper, you won't find a road shoe with more ventilation, keeping you as comfortable as possible on the hottest days in the most taxing events. The sole also carries durable, textured heel and toe composite tap zones that ensure safe walking when necessary. The Delta 3-Bolt cleat mounting system allows for 8mm of cleat placement adjustment fore and aft, in addition to what your cleat provides. A guide and marking system, with a set screw position for duplicating cleat fit when you need to replace worn units makes it simple to get the proper set-up.

There are many great summer road shoes available, and yes, most are graced with high technology and brilliant design. The prices reflect that. However the best shoe for you is the one that fits you, and some people love lace-up shoes over BOA or Velcro closures. When your choice is within the premium lace-up race grade shoe realm, take the time to fit yourself with some DMT KRSL's. With impeccable fit and 206 gram weight, you may very well end up prizing them over the competition.

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  • Super light race-grade, lace-up road cycling shoe with premium technology knit upper
  • Impressively stiff, wholly supportive, and impressive cycling ergonomics with anatomic reference
  • Full Engineered 3D knit upper with ultralight construction
  • Variable thickness and knit structures for ultimate comfort
  • Integrated webbing
  • Laces with integrated cord eyelets offer the personal fit choice afforded by lace-up shoes
  • Upper has stretch fit entry, unified upper/tongue design
  • Developed with sustainability at the forefront of design, manufactured to reuse and reduce material waste
  • Aerated full UD carbon DMT SL Outsole carries fresh air in and out through three ports
    • Front and rear composite grip/protection taps for walkability
    • Shaped and supportive arch area for better foot stability
    • 3-Bolt cleat mounting with 8mm front-rear cleat adjustability; cleat set positioning screw, cleat position guide
  • DMT's website has detailed instructions for measuring shoe size via length and width with mm increment measurements
  • Sizes Euro (US): 41 (8.25), 42 (9), 42.5 (9.5), 43 (9.75), 43.5 (10.25), 44 (10.75), 44.5 (11), 45 (11.5), 45.5 (11.75), 46 (12.25)
  • Color: White/Black
  • Weight: 208 grams
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