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The Shot 2 Carbon Road is Sidi's current top-end road shoe, and while the venerable Italian company chose to carry over some technology from the first generation, the Shot 2 represents a new way forward, with a new Tecno-3 Push Flex wire retention system and advanced upper that is not only comfortable and effective in all the ways that matter, but it is also made with an eco-friendly manufacturing process as well. The Shot 2 was developed for the top riders in the world and to meet the daily requirements of pro cyclists all year long.

The supple upper of the Shot 2 is a the TechPro Microfiber, used in only the best Sidi shoes. It is considered a highly technological and innovative, eco-friendly synthetic leather. Featuring very light stretch, water repellancy, and overall light weight characteristics, it is also resistant to tearing. Sidi has opted to cover the foot with much more of the new material, using only small mesh venting zones above the toes, and utilizing peforations along both sides for heat and moisture release. Fit and performance are the keys here, as is the way in which the TechPro can be drawn in and fastened for superior foot retention without pressure points. Experienced Sidi wearers will surely know of the company's long use of dial and wire-type Tecno buckles, which predated the now common Boa designs on the market. But the Shot 2's Double Tecno-3 Push Flex System is a whole new monster.

This new retention system is now centered over the foot, and draws off anchor points on both sides, which draws the upper together with a perfect tension balance from each side. There are two Tecno buckle dials that actually only tighten the assembly, and they are mounted on a single, centered plate. The lower Tecno-3 controls the lower and mid foot tension via four anchor points, while the upper Tecno-3 just controls the two opposing upper anchors, so you can isolate the two levels of retention. Sidi believes that this symmetrical combination, along, with the cut and shape of the upper, creates a perfect closure on the both the instep and outer portions of the shoe while reducing downward pressure on the bony part of your foot. The Tecno buckles themselves are easy to use, and employ monofilament wires that don't stretch or rust. The Push feature allows for quick release with the side adjustment lever, which then lock back down when done to maintain security, and. The system as a whole offers tremendous fit and comfort, as well as minute adjustability, ease of use, and long term viability.

The final piece of the upper is the combination of the standout Sidi Heel Cup and the Adjustable Heel Retention Device. Many riders love the hold and support of the excellent heel cup, but for those with more specific fit and retention requirements at the upper back of the shoe along the Achilles tendon, a screw controls the adjustable two-piece retention device, either drawing it in for narrow shapes, or opening up for wider shapes. This is pure customization and and pure Sidi, who have built such long standing relationships within professional cycling that the most nit-picky needs of cyclists are not only identified. Even something as simple as accommodating a thicker sock on a cold March or April day in Northern Europe can highly impact performance and comfort. Sidi has added replaceable red reflectors in the AHRD, for 180 degree dynamic low-light visibility from reflectivity while pedaling.

Carbon soles must be stiff and shaped for power transfer, but so much more can be done with them. Sidi hand builds the C-BOOST SRS SOLE exclusively of carbon fiber in a weave pattern oriented at opposing angles to maximize stiffness while allowing for a small degree of controlled flex in the toe area. This is Sidi imperative, as allowing some natural flex of the foot is a long-held belief. Don't worry- the power transfer is not compromised- it is incredible, but allowing the foot some natural anatomic movement serves to keep the foot from cramping and can reduce hot spots under the metatarsals. A second technology in the sole is ventilation, also a driver of rider comfort. Sidi developed a front and rear e vent system in the sole to help keep the foot cool and dry with the intake zone located near the replaceable Toe-Tap. The trio of rear vents face forward to allow for more intake, which is different- as most shoes claim rear vents are exhaust ports. The vent structures, heel pad, and toe taps now sit in TPU plates that further protect the carbon fiber sole.

This Shot 2 Road Shoe was built for the Look Delta 3-bolt cleat mounting pattern, as are most other road shoes. The cleat zone offers excellent alignment marks for proper fit and location, and the carbon surface is textured to prevent cleat slippage and to help prevent over tightening of the cleat bolts. At the heel Sidi offers a replaceable non-slip pad, as usual. The sole-based wear items are replaceable. The upper resists wear, fights mold and fungus, repels water. The Double Tecno-3 Push System Flex is replaceable. Yes, these Italian-made shoes are pricey, but they offer so much technology and performance, with reliability and reassurance, that unlike many premium shoes that are seemingly intended to be disposable after a season or two, the Sidi's are actually worth the investment. The fit is regular Italian/Sidi with a slim shape and more pointed, somewhat narrow toe box. Overall the fit is more like an slightly narrow-toe American C than a D. If you have a wider forefoot it's tough to get the proper fit, but for those the Sidi fit aligns with, the support is impeccable. Excellent individualization and pro-level performance may mean the Sidi Shot 2 Road Shoe may actually have the most true long-term value of any road shoe we carry.

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  • Incredible top-end road shoe with innovative retention closure, vented carbon sole, new upper system, high level of individualization, and overall long-term performance
  • Microfibra TechPro synthetic leather upper, highly tech, innovative, eco-friendly
  • Upper has hydro and anti-mold treatment, eliminates the onset of molds and bacteria
  • Features mold resistance, stability, lightness, water-repellency, minor stretch, resists tears
  • TechPro Microfiber is OEKO-Tex certified, does not contain harmful substances and respects legal restrictions from manufacturing through construction
  • Double Tecno-3 Push Flex retention system; symmetrical mechanism guarantees excellent fit creates a perfect tension balance between the shoe’s internal and external sides; base panel now flexes to reduce pressure
  • The new dial/rotor design tightens with dial, but must be released with a dual spring loaded lever next to each dial>
  • Retention system is one piece, and replacement is available if damaged
  • Sidi Adjustable Heel Retention System (replaceable) and Sidi Heel Cup for individualized fit
  • Heel system features built in reflectors to enhance safety in low-light conditions
  • C-BOOST SRS SOLE is impressively stiff, and has TPU zones with front/rear intake ventilation
  • Replaceable Anti-Slip Heel Pad and Toe-Tap
  • 3-bolt cleat mounting pattern with textured grip surface and alignment markings
  • Sizes: 40-47 (whole, half sizes from 40.5-46.5)
  • Colors: Black/Black, White/White
  • Made in Italy
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