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Sidi's Soft Instep Closure strap has done a great job at eliminating hot spots and pressure on top of your instep, however from time to time it needs to be replaced. There have been two sizes, 15.5mm and 18.5mm. The 15.5mm fits 2011 and newer shoes and 18.5mm for anything prior.

The Soft Instep Closure System has a functional design where the strap is surrounded by soft and durable rubber to prevent the strap from digging into the instep of your foot. Installation of the strap is simple and replaces older worn and torn compression straps. Sold in pairs, but does not include buckles. Choose your color and size.

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  • Straps and buckles not included
  • Sold in pairs
  • Choose color
  • Made in Italy

15.5mm fits all 2011 and newer Shoes and 18.5mm for pre-2011 Sidi shoes like the Ergo 1/Ergo 2, Genius 5/Genius 6, Spider and Dominator 5/Dominator 6. If you are unsure, simply measure the width of the strap on your existing Soft Instep Closure strap where it connects to the shoe.

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