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Shoes Road Shoes - Mens

Sidi's Wire Road Shoe has quickly won loyal support from Sidi fans who have desired a true carbon sole with Sidi fit and race performance without climbing the price ladder to the apex. Featuring a plethora of Sidi shoe technology and features, the Wire 2 Carbon Road Shoe offers unprecedented fit customization and control.

The Vent Carbon Sole used by the Wire 2 is handmade from 100% carbon fiber which been crafted to provide superior power transfer because of its light weight and stiffness. With the last design and upper, it offers tremendous support and control of the foot. The vented carbon sole features a replaceable heel pad and toepad/vent cover. Sidi has long believed in some torsional flex to allow the foot some natural movement, but as top cyclists have shown a preference for ultra-stiff soles, Sidi has offered options, but given increased attention to how adjustable the upper closure system is, as well as the upper material itself behaves. You still get the Italian Sidi fit and close arch support, but the shoe cradles a foot in a slightly more anatomic fashion for a natural feel without the flex.

The supple upper of the Wire 2 Carbon Road Shoe is a new TechPro Microfiber being used by Sidi. It is considered a highly technological and innovative, eco-friendly synthetic leather. Featuring very light stretch, water repellency, and overall light weight characteristics, it is also resistant to tearing. Sidi has opted to cover the foot with much more of the new material, using only selective perforated venting zones that complement the airflow coming in under the toe. Fit and performance are the keys to the cut here here, as is the way in which the TechPro can be drawn in and fastened for superior foot retention without pressure points. Hence the new system.

This new retention system features two Tecno-3 Push systems. There are two Techno buckle dials. The lower Tecno 3 is located on the center of the tongue and controls the lower and mid foot tension via four anchor points, while the upper Tecno just controls the two opposing upper anchors, so you can isolate the two levels of retention. This upper system is not centered, but the Push dial itself sits on the outside, and pulls the centering SIS 4 system across the top of the foot. Sidi believes that this combination, along, with the cut and shape of the upper, creates a more flexible closure on the both the instep and outer portions of the shoe- but still uses a standard tongue, which many dual dial systems do not. The Tecno buckles themselves are easy to use, and employ monofilament wires that don't stretch or rust. Due to the integrated nature of the system, the assemblies have fewer parts, but as with many other high-end shoes, the Double Tecno-3 Push System can be replaced if you have accident or damage part of the system. The Push feature allows for quick release of the adjustment lever, which them lock back down when done to maintain security. The system as a whole offers tremendous fit and comfort, as well as minute adjustability, ease of use, and long term viability.

The final area that rounds out the upper is the combination of the new Sidi Heel Cup and the Adjustable Heel Retention Device. Many riders love the hold and support of the excellent heel cup, but for those with more specific fit and retention requirements at the upper back of the shoe along the Achilles tendon, a screw controls the adjustable two-piece retention device, either drawing it in for narrow shapes, or opening up for wider shapes. This is pure customization and and pure Sidi, who have built such long standing relationships within professional riders that the most nit-picky needs of cyclists are not only identified, but taken care of, and what the same differentials that pro's have on their feet and ankles are found in the general population as well.

Designed with a 3-Bolt cleat pattern, the Wire 2 Carbon Road Shoe is optimal for Shimano SPD-SL and Look KEO cleat systems. Time I-clic X-Pro/Xpresso cleats generally sit a little flatter so on larger sizes (44 and up), they generally will work fine, but smaller sizes force too much curve on the cleat and may compromise fitment with the pedal. Speedplay pedal users can generally use the 3 to 4 bolt adapter plate and shim system for a proper fit. Sidi does offer the Wire 2 Carbon Road in a Speedplay direct 4-Bolt sole option in the Black colorway, but it has limited availability. If you contact us, we can look into availability for you.

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  • High performance, carbon sole road shoe with innovative fit system and high-tech features
  • Handmade vented carbon sole features replaceable heel pad and toepad/vent cover
  • Microfibra TechPro synthetic leather upper, highly tech, innovative, eco-friendly
  • Upper has hydro and anti-mold treatment, eliminates the onset of molds and bacteria
  • Features resilience, stability, lightness, water-repellency, minor stretch, resists tears
  • TechPro is OEKO-Tex certified, does not contain harmful substances and respects legal restrictions from manufacturing through construction
  • Double Tecno-3 Push system; Top of foot controlled with side controlled mount horizontal mechanism, mid and forefoot controlled from central tongue mechanism; guarantees excellent fit creates a perfect tension balance between the shoe’s internal and external sides
  • New Soft Instep 4 is sleeker and lighter while still mated to the rebuildable Tecno 3 Push Dial Adjusters
  • Retention system is one piece, and replacement is available if damaged
  • Sidi Adjustable Heel Retention System and New Sidi Heel Cup for individualized fit
  • 3-Bolt cleat mounting pattern for Shimano SPD-SL, Look KEO; Speedplay with adapter, 4-bolt Speedplay only shoe has very limited availability- contact us)
  • Sizes: 42-46 (full and half sizes; email sales@excelsports.com with availability questions)
  • Colors: Matte Blue/Black, White
  • Weight: 320g / per shoe (Size 44)
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