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Silca prides itself on innovative, yet proven product designs and formulations. The company has set recent standards for many products and a great degreaser had to be on the R&D whiteboard. Of course it alxso had to be safe for real world use and extremely effective. So here it is, an environmentally friendly cleaner for all things bicycle. It has been formulated to attack grease, oils, dirt, mud, drink mix and more. The trigger-sray applied product is also safe on paint and skin and keeps your bike sparkling.

Bio Degreaser and Gear Cleaner is the ultimate environmentally friendly degreaser. SILCA Bio Degreaser is also safe for use as a hand cleaner and will not harm rubber, leather or other delicate surfaces

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  • Environmentally friendly degreaser/cleaner formulated to attack grease, oils, dirt, mud, drink mix and more
  • Safe on skin
  • Safe on paint
  • Zero residue finish
  • Tough on grease, oil, and sweat
  • Ingredients: ??Water (CAS#7732-18-5), C9-11 Pareth-6 (CAS#68439-46-3), Dimethyl Glutarate (CAS#1119-40-0), Propylene Glycol (CAS#57-55-6), Dimethyl Adipate (CAS#627-93-0), Diethylhexyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate (CAS#577-11-7), Citrus, ext. (CAS#94266-47-4), Sodium Hydroxmethylglycinate (CAS#70161-44-3); Contains fragrance allergens
  • Size: 32oz bottle (trigger spray type)
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