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Pumps & CO2 CO2 Inflators & Cartidges

Silca Eolo III Co2 Regulator

The EOLO III builds on the SILCA tradition by using an ultra-precise spool valve design with light action spring to give the user perfect control of the flow into the tire. The full metal construction of the EOLO III contains no plastic parts and is manufactured entirely in the USA from Alcoa aluminum and stainless steel. Hardened 17-4 puncture pin is more than 2X the hardness of traditional puncture pins to ensure smooth operation in all conditions over many years.

Three insulating rings on the EOLO body improve grip and insulate from cold during inflation. The EOLO III ships with Red-White-Red rings as well as one Blue ring to provide for customization of the regulator body.

SILCA Ultra-Premium CO2 Cartridges are the finest available in the world. While traditional 16 gram cartridges are only required to contain as little as 14 gm of gas, these are guaranteed to contain 15.5-16.0gm. Produced in Austria, Silca's supplier produces most all cartridges for automotive airbag and military/aviation life-vest inflation and is ISO, TUV and RoHS certified to ensure the highest quality, safety, and environmental responsibility.

Proprietary SILCA Cartridge Helmets eliminate cartridge thread damage as well as puncture risk when the cartridges are stored in a seat-bag, toolbox or other difficult environment. The helmets also allow the cartridges to be pre-lubricated to ensure a perfect seal during use and eliminate gas escape caused by poor-thread/cartridge interface.


  • Threads onto both Presta and Schrader valves for secure no-leak interface
  • Lightest spring action of any spring-valve regulator
  • Camera-lens style valve head allows for easy installation even in disc wheels
  • Insulation rings keep fingers from freezing and offer color customization
  • Recycled linen paper labels on Cartridges insulate better and improve recyclability
  • EOLO Regulator Designed in USA by SILCA, Manufactured in USA by SILCA