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Pumps & CO2 Pump Heads & Small Parts

Silca's approach to improving inflation for all users starts with their direct experience with professional cycling and the world at large. A chance interaction in Vietnam impressed owner Josh Poertner. He spotted the use of a locking Schrader chuck that offer extra security and hold for making inflating Schrader-valved tubes of any pressure or volume safer and easier. A manual lever engages and releases a flat lip, which holds the chuck in place. It also acts a quick release type mechanism- so no unscrewing under pressure is required. Once he fell in love with the concept, Poertner decided to have the part made for his Silca line-up. The chuck fits into any 6mm (or, 1/4" ID) hose and is simple to use with other accessory heads such as the Silca Presta Chuck or Silca Disc Wheel Adapter.

Unlike most other Silca products, the Locking Schrader Chuck is made overseas. But Silca still found a Taiwanese factory that is certified by both TUV and ISO for quality and safety, and just as importantly is RoHS compliant, meaning that they have eliminated all toxic and environmentally hazardous chemicals from the products and manufacturing processes they use, which meets the Silca ethos of product creation. It is made from nickel plated brass and stainless steel. For home and shop mechanics, and anyone who inflates via Schrader valves regularly, you will want to have this simple, yet incredibly effective and helpful Locking Schrader Chuck.

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  • Locking Schrader Valve Chuck perfect for any bike or auto mechanic
  • Connects fast, disconnects instantly with no air loss from valve
  • No screwing on or off a chuck under pressure, or pushing on a grommet with no safety
  • Built from nickel plated brass and stainless steel
  • Made in factory certified by both TUV and ISO for quality and safety, RoHS compliant
  • Fits all 1/4" and 6mm pneumatic hose
  • No plastic parts to break or wear out
  • Works great with other Silca head styles that have a Schrader interface
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