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Nutrition Bars

Introducing a revolution in baking simplicity: Skratch Labs cookies are basic in the best possible way. They have meticulously crafted a recipe that streamlines the process, ensuring you don't compromise on taste or quality. Enjoy cookies that feel distinctively yours. With a freshness that outshines any prepackaged variant, the doors to endless flavor adventures swing wide open, inviting you to explore.

With minimal steps and ingredients, you'll find yourself diving into a cookie crunch within just 25 minutes. But it's not just about indulgence; Skratch cookies offer lasting satiety, delivering sustained energy through a measured release. Furthermore, with fewer ingredients and a higher moisture content than conventional sports nutrition options, your digestion will thank you.

Seeking a travel buddy? These cookies are your perfect companion, offering the convenience of store-bought snacks but with the unbeatable freshness of a homemade treat. And for those with specific dietary requirements, the mix is dairy-free and Kosher, and can easily be made Vegan. Join us in redefining cookie delight.

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  • Experience simplicity at its finest: a balance between ease and uncompromised flavor.
  • Dive into homemade cookies with a personal touch, offering unmatched freshness and limitless taste explorations.
  • Designed for the swift: a delightful cookie crunch in just 25 minutes with minimal fuss.
  • Nourish yourself with prolonged energy and satisfaction, crafted for endurance.
  • Enjoy the benefits of easy digestion, owing to fewer ingredients and optimal moisture content.
  • Perfect for on-the-go: combines the convenience of off-the-shelf snacks with the joy of homemade freshness.
  • Our mix respects diverse diets: dairy-free, Kosher, and adaptable for Vegan needs.
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