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Have you ever opened a bag of energy chews and been overwhelmed by a strong fruity scent? Have you ever nearly crashed your bike while trying to extricate a chew or two from a package of stuck together globs? How much time have spent picking gooey material from your teeth after attempting to eat an energy chew? Of course, all of these questions are mildly obnoxious, but that is the point. You eat energy chews as a convenient way to get a little sugar and electrolyte before or during exercise. You need the process to be easy, clean, and enjoyable; not to mention serve the actual purpose. Well, Skratch Labs has once again come up with a better product, and Sport Energy Chews will change your mind about energy chews.

First, Fruit Drops are all natural. Each flavor is powered by actual fruit. No additional perfumes or coatings are necessary. When you open the package, the smell is quite mild. Each chew has been lightly powdered with cane sugar, so the chews don't stick together. If you want two, you can remove two, easily. No waxes or excess materials are used to keep the chews soft and ready to eat. Fruit Drops don't stick to your hands, or your teeth. With a higher moisture content, the chews break down quickly, to be absorbed completely, and they aren't overly sweet. The energy chew, re-invented.

If the story ended there, most people would be sold already. However, Skratch Labs has been diligent in not only improving the practicality of exercise related supplements, but a leader in improving the science and ingredients that ensure effective energy, hydration, and recovery. Using a very specific ratio, Skratch made cane sugar and tapioca syrup the primary ingredients to deliver two sugars - fructose and glucose - that better match the ratio of transporters for these sugars in the small intestine. This improves energy absorption by reducing digestive inefficiency. You are maximizing the gut's ability to absorb or transport the energy what you take in. When you compare nutrition for carbohydrates with other products, Skratch often lists less carbs from sugar. The key is not only to ingest the sugar, but to quickly convert as much of it as possible to energy. Skratch Labs optimizes that process.

Each box of Sport Energy Chews includes ten 50 gram pouches and each pouch has 10 drops, or two 80 calorie servings. A single serving contains 80mg of sodium from sea salt to assist in replacing what is lost via sweat. The increased sodium content also has the benefit of diminishing the craving for salt that people get during exercise. Ideally you use Sport Energy Chews as a handy food item to supplement a true exercise-appropriate drink mix, such as Skratch's Exercise Hydration Mix. Look, don't take our word for it. Try Skratch Labs Sport Energy Chews and decide for yourself if natural and optimal nutrition works for you; and stop picking goo out of your teeth in public.

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  • Optimized simple energy chew formula with basic, natural ingredients you absorb quickly
  • Lightly sugared chews are easy to handle and won't stick to your teeth
  • Only real fruit for flavor, no perfumes, coloring agents, carnuba wax or artificial ingredients
  • 80mg sodium to help replace salt lost via sweat
  • Chews are gluten free, dairy free
  • Sour Cherry, Blueberry contain 50mg of Caffeine per serving
  • Select from several flavor options (slight nutritional and flavor specific information variances)
  • Serving Size: 25g Calories: 80 Total Carbs: 20g (Sugar 14g) Sodium: 80mg
  • Each box contains 10, two serving 50g pouches
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