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Smith Attack

Smith's commitment to constant development and improvement on behalf of athletes has always been appreciated by those who select performance eyewear based on proven features and capabilities. For cyclists the latest glass from Smith that everyone wants to test and wear is the Attack. Lightweight, of course, and built with a lens shape that allows for upper brow ventilation and cooling the shield style, mostly frameless Attack delivers excellent coverage, wrap and fit. The nose piece has two position settings and can shaped for the bridge of your nose, while the MAG arm system attaches the lens to the arms via magnets, which are truly secure, but allow for lens changes that take just a few seconds. The arms curve to the shape of the head and can be formed for an even better fit. While cyclists will love the Attack, runners will appreciate the weight and stability as well. All that said, beyond MAG™ technology, the real story of the Attack is the ChromaPop™ lens, or should we say lenses, as you receive two. Every Attack comes with a Rose Flash lens for more contrast in lower light conditions to complement the primary lens.

ChromaPop is Smith's lens enhancement technology, offering enhanced clarity and natural color so you simply see more detail and definition, with better color distinction. More detail gives you the advantage needed to perform confidently and enjoy the riding or running experience that much more. How does it work? ChromaPop filters two specific wavelengths of light that cause color confusion. By doing this the lens delivers greater definition, more natural color, and unmatched clarity to allow you to see more detail. Normally the eye’s retina has trouble distinguishing between blue and green, and red and green light perception, even if these effect is subtle for most people. ChromaPop filters these specific crossovers, instantly allowing greater definition, natural color, and clarity. So say's Smith. And yes, this system does work, and the vast majority of people will never have a sense it is happening. Those who struggle with these color wavelengths may notice the effect more. If anything the system eases eyestrain. That is not all though, as you'd expect these lenses are also anti-reflective, water and oil resistant coatings, with 100% UV protection. Smith creates unified lenses via series of layers, each of which serves a specific purpose. The end result is an artfully crafted lens that preserves color perception and delivers optimized optical clarity and precision in all environments.

Structurally the foundation of Smith's frames is the incredibly light, resilient, strong and flexible Grilamd TR90 composite. The hydrophilic properties of the nosepiece and on the temple tips, are due to the permanent application of Megol, which gently grips your skin to help keep the frame in place. The gripping power increases when introduced to moisture, so you never have to be concerned about slippage.


  • Premium grade sport eyewear for cycling, running; featuring ChromaPop lenses
  • ChromaPop lens enhancement technology, offering enhanced clarity and natural color
  • Nearly frameless except for arm mount attachments- excellent overall visibility
  • Interchangeable Attack replacement lenses provide options for every condition
  • Slightly larger Attack Max lens is also interchangeable with this model
  • Two-position adjustable nose pads ensure proper height off nose bridge
  • Hydrophilic megol temple & nose pads for a secure fit
  • Hydroleophobic lens coating repels sweat, oils, and water
  • Grilamid TR90 frame material, featuring MAG magnetic arm system
  • Lenses made with carbonic construction- meets ANSI Z80.3 impact standard
  • Dimensions: Lens width 125mm, Lens height: 47mm, Arm length 120mm
  • Includes: ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash lens (48% VLT), structured case
  • Photochromic Clear changes to Gray (best for low light to mild light)
  • Options:
    • Matte Black with ChromaPop Platinum (15% VLT)
    • Matte White with ChromaPop Red Mirror (15% VLT)
    • Matte Black Reactor with ChromaPop Green (15% VLT)
    • Matte Gravy Chromapop Bronze (15% VLT)
    • Matte Iron Chromapop Platinum (15% VLT)
    • Black Photochromic Clear to Grey
  • Weight: 30 grams (frame w/lens)