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Specialized has been making their own tubeless (2Bliss) tires and products for many years and while some of their tubeless solutions have seemed unorthodox, they have also been very effective in use. The 2Bliss Ready Rim Strip isn't tape, but a tight fitting, sealing rim strip that mounts easily and quickly. The width used is crucial, and you need to know what width you need to get the proper set-up. You select the width and the wheel size, install, mount your tire, add sealant and ride. The 2Bliss system is optimized for Specialized wheels and tires.

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  • Easy to install 2Bliss rim strip optimized for Specialized 2Bliss rims and tires
  • PVB coated nylon for maximum strength and effectiveness
  • Just snaps on over rim-rubber like material stretches then seals
  • Creates an effective sealing barrier for air and sealant
  • Does not degrade due to sealant
  • Must be used with a tubeless valve when running tubeless
  • Width options: 23mm, 26mm, 31mm
  • Wheel/tire size options: 27.5", 29"
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