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CO2 canisters for tire inflation help make the process safer, faster, and more efficient on the side of the road or trail. Specialized offers numerous CO2 driven inflation devices, but CO2 canisters themselves are universal within the variables of threaded or threadless. The 5-packs of CO2 canisters consist of the threaded version, and are available in 16 gram and 25 gram options.

The 16 gram canister has enough pressure to fill typical road tires to 100 PSI, while the 25 gram size 25g has enough pressure to fill a 29 x 2.3" mountain bike tire to 30 PSI, which equates to about 60 psi in a 34mm tire.

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  • 5-pack bulk buy of threaded CO2 Canisters
  • Threaded cartridges will work with any threaded head/inflator unit
  • Specialized offers several products that may have integrated canister mounts
  • Specialized recommend 16g for: CPRO2 Trigger, Air Tool COMBO2 pump, Air Tool CO2 Mini Kit, Air Tool CO2 Mini Pump, and Road Tube Spool
  • Specialized recommends 25g for: CPRO2 Gauge Trigger, CPRO2 Trigger, SWAT Mini CO2 head, and SWAT™ Box
  • Options: 16 gram, 25 gram
  • Sold as a 5-pack
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