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The Diverge Sport frame features a lightweight FACT 8r carbon construction, making it highly capable and ideal for racing or high-performance riding. Whether you're tackling local dirt climbs or conquering challenging backcountry trails, the Diverge's light and lively nature will help you reach your destination faster.

For gravel riders, the Future Shock 1.5 technology offers an optimal combination of speed, control, and confidence. With 20mm of axial compliance, this system is specifically tuned for gravel riding. It allows you to stay in control, maintain power on rough dirt roads and thick loose gravel, while keeping your hands, arms, and neck fresh.

The new Diverge breaks away from traditional gravel geometry. It boasts the most progressive geometry ever created for a drop bar bike, providing riders with stability and capability in off-road conditions while remaining responsive and nimble on the road. The frame's increased reach, slacker head tube angle, and longer offset fork instill confidence and a planted feeling on dirt. Shorter stems maintain a lively steering feel without compromising the overall cockpit length. Additionally, the bike's bottom bracket is positioned low for stability but can still accommodate 650b wheels if desired.

To cater to your adventure needs, the Diverge is equipped with ample rack mounts, including options for fork and top tube mounts. These provisions ensure you can carry all the necessary gear, regardless of the distance or duration of your ride.

Tire clearance is a crucial aspect of unlocking a bike's potential, and the new Diverge doesn't disappoint. It offers an impressive 47mm of tire clearance with a 700c wheel and 2.1" with a 650b wheel. This clearance is achieved through a drive side chain stay design that utilizes a solid carbon beam behind the chainrings, avoiding the need for a fragile dropped chain stay or excessive chainstay length.

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  • Lightweight and Responsive: The Diverge is constructed with a lightweight FACT 8r carbon frame, providing a fast and responsive ride. It allows you to accelerate quickly and navigate various terrains with ease.
  • Future Shock 1.5 Technology: Equipped with Future Shock 1.5, the Diverge offers 20mm of axial compliance specifically tuned for gravel riding. This technology enhances control, stability, and comfort, enabling you to stay confident and in control over rough gravel roads and uneven surfaces.
  • Progressive Geometry: The Diverge breaks away from traditional gravel geometry, featuring a progressive design that balances stability and agility. With increased reach, a slacker head tube angle, and a longer offset fork, it provides a planted feeling on dirt while remaining nimble on the road.
  • Ample Tire Clearance: The Diverge offers generous tire clearance, accommodating up to 47mm tires with a 700c wheel or 2.1" tires with a 650b wheel. This allows you to choose the appropriate tire width for your desired riding conditions, providing excellent traction and versatility.
  • Versatile and Adventure-Ready: Designed for adventure, the Diverge comes with multiple rack mounts, including options for fork and top tube mounts. These provisions ensure you can carry all your essential gear, making the Diverge well-suited for bikepacking and long-distance rides.
  • 21.11 lbs (Size 54cm)
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