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When you want to build a lightweight racer for gravel season, remember, traction, control and confidence also equate to speed over long miles of harsh surface riding. The S-Works Diverge STR Fact 11r carbon frame is more compliant than any drop bar bike Specialized has ever made, yet adds just just 100 grams compared to the S-Works Diverge frame. Never have so few grams added so much capability. Climb it, race it, or load it down with bags and gear for the long haul, Diverge STR does it all faster and smoother without any excess baggage. A complete, 56cm front and rear suspended S-Works Diverge STR bike weighs in at 18.73lbs set up tubeless out of the box. Remember speed comes from more than just the lightest weight.

This is a design developed for absurd capability, and more capability means more confidence, more confidence means more rides, more rides, means more fun, and for Specialized all starts at the contact patch. Nothing unlocks capability like tire clearance and the numbers are generous: 47mm on a 700c wheel and 2.1” on 650b. Diverge STR is the most capable gravel bike Specialized has ever made, so it’s the most fun. The Diverge design team tossed status quo out the window to create and work with progressive gravel geometry that amplifies the confidence that Future Shock Technology delivers, which keeps whatever wise tires you run tires on the ground, delivering traction, grip and control- which when absorbed into a rider's consciousness results in more speed, consistently. Need more capability? Carrying over from the Diverge, the internal downtube SWAT™ compartment puts everything you need, right where you need it, not in your pockets weighing you down.

All the R&D, brainwaves, and testing of all kinds that drove the Diverge STR design can be read about elsewhere, suffice to say the result is what you see today, a Diverge STR with front and rear Future Shock. As a system, Rear Future Shock delivers up to 30mm of travel in the perfect curve, is fully tunable for riders from 110lbs to 275lbs, features hydraulic damping to control travel, and has three levels of adjustability, as well as rebound adjustment. To provide the right “spring” for every rider, each bike size comes with two different frame posts, and each frame post can be oriented in a stiffer or softer orientation. While the vast majority of riders will find the perfect setup with the posts that are included with their bike, Specialized makes nine different posts, each with a soft and firm setting, so every rider can experience the incredible ride Diverge STR delivers. This framepost works with the seat post to provide the optimal amount and path of rear travel for every rider, regardless of their bike size, weight, or the length of exposed seat post. Riders can even dial in the optimum level of rear compliance with an alloy dropper post, thanks to the Future Shock Rear system. Future Shock Rear travel is controlled by a hydraulic damper fitted in the top tube and attached to the frame post by the “tendon”. A lever on the damper provides three levels of compression damping, while rebound speed can be adjusted with a hex key through a hole in the base of the top tube.

Yes, there is some testing and set-up for you to work through, just as there is with a mountain bike, but it is simple, and most riders won't make many adjustments once they feel right. The entire system is meant to last a long time without service or any special maintenance. The damper itself is not serviceable and is considered a wear item. It has a generous two-year warranty period and is also supported as a replacement part.

With a geometry that is very similar to the Diverge, the fit and setup on a Diverge STR are pretty straightforward for those transitioning from it and not too difficult coming from most gravel set-ups The only primary fit consideration that differs from other bikes is the saddle position. Specialized and Retül recommend the static saddle position to be 5-10mm forward and slightly angled down more from your normal position. With this setup, your riding position with the proper suspension sag will be consistent with a rigid bike. You have the information you need to get started. Perhaps a build-up from the Diverge STR S-Works Frameset is the way for you to go, but don't forget the S-Works, Pro, and Expert bike options!

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  • Front and Rear suspended S-Works Diverge STR FACT 11r frameset developed to be even more versatile, efficient and effective on more surfaces
  • STR: Suspend The Rider concept to keep riders comfortable and in control on rough "roads", and retain the instant acceleration and direct handling of a rigid frame
  • Adjustable, damped, tunable travel- 20mm front/30mm rear- Future Shock Technology absorbs bump forces to boost your control and capability while retaining efficiency/responsiveness of a rigid frame
  • Future Shock 2.0 front with 20mm of adjustable response
  • Rear Future Shock system for 30mm of travel that you can adjust for flex, compression, damping
    • RFS components and basic functions
    • 1- Framepost: Acts as a Spring; as the rear wheel impacts a bump, it moves up- the ‘framepost’ works a spring moving backwards in response; direction of travel is equal and opposite to the wheel’s path
    • 2- Damper: Controls the movement of the framepost spring action backwards and forwards, ensuring a smooth ride
    • 3- Compression Adjustment Lever: Allows for manual adjustment at 3 levels of damping rate; rebound is adjustable via hex key
    • 4- Tendon: Connection part that ties framepost and damper together
  • Frameposts available in 9 lay-ups that each can be clocked to offer a softer or firmer ride within a stiffness range
  • Each frame/bike comes with 2 frameposts dictated by frame size and average expected rider weights; others can be purchased separately
  • Seven of the frameposts can be used with 52-61cm sizes, the 49cm has two specific options (FP8/FP9)
  • Numbers on either side of the arrows indicate the frame post’s stiffness; arbitrary measurement- indication of the stiffness in N/mm (ex- a FP might offer 30N/mm or 60N/mm (twice as stiff) by the way it is installed
  • Alloy dropper posts are compatible with RFS
  • System weight: 275lbs (rider/gear)
  • Frameposts by N/mm / System weight range: FP: 30|38 / 110-160lbs, FP2 35|43 / 135-180lbs, FP3 40|48 / 150-200lbs, FP4 45|53 /165-210lbs, FP5 50|58 175-230lbs, FP6 55|65 / 205-255lbs, FP7 60|72 / 215-275lbs, FP8 28|34 / 110-155lbs (49cm only), FP9 40|48 / 155-275lbs (49cm only)
  • Specifications
  • Frame: Rear Future Shock w/ Adj Damper, Smooth Boot, FACT 11r carbon, 12/142mm thru-axle, Flat Mount, internal routing w/dropper capability, 27.2mm seatpost, BSC 68mm BB Shell, Di2 compatible
  • Fork: Future Shock 2.0 w/ Damper, Smooth Boot, FACT carbon, 12/100mm thru-axle, Flat Mount, internal routing
  • Compatible with a front lowrider rack or any cages, full fender on the fork; no provisions for rear rack or fender
  • SWAT: Integrated SWAT door in downtube, internal storage system
  • Note: All Component Specifications are subject to change due to supply chain challenges
  • Sizes | Included component spec by frame size
    • 49cm | STR Frameposts: FP8, FP9
    • 52cm | STR Frameposts: FP1, FP4
    • 54cm | STR Frameposts: FP1, FP4
    • 56cm | STR Frameposts: FP2, FP5
    • 58cm | STR Frameposts: FP3, FP6
    • 61cm | STR Frameposts: FP4, FP7
  • Color: Forest Green / Dark Moss / Black Pearl
  • Frame weight: 1100 grams (painted 56cm, no hardware)
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Size 49cm 52cm 54cm 56cm 58cm 61cm
Wheel Size 700c 700c 700c 700c 700c 700c
Stack 569mm 576mm 593mm 609mm 633mm 659mm
Reach 365mm 374mm 383mm 392mm 401mm 410mm
Head Angle 70° 70.5° 71.25° 71.75° 71.75° 71.75°
Seat Angle 74.5° 74.25° 74° 74° 74° 74°
Top Tube Length 527mm 540mm 556mm 570mm 586mm 602mm
Head Tube Length 100mm 100mm 115mm 130mm 155mm 182mm
Standover 704mm 730mm 753mm 778mm 804mm 833mm
Fork Trail 69mm 66mm 61mm 57mm 57mm 57mm
Fork Offset 55mm 55mm 55mm 55mm 55mm 55mm
Bottom Bracket Drop 80mm 85mm 85mm 85mm 85mm 85mm
Front Center 607mm 612mm 619mm 629mm 645mm 663mm
Wheelbase 1023mm 1027mm 1034mm 1044mm 1060mm 1078mm
Chainstay Length 429mm 429mm 429mm 429mm 429mm 429mm
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