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Mountain Complete Bikes

The Specialized Epic EVO Pro Bicycle is a cutting-edge mountain bike that combines advanced technology and design to deliver exceptional performance on the trails. Designed with versatility in mind, this bike is equipped to handle a wide range of terrains and riding styles, making it a top choice for riders seeking adventure and excitement.

At the heart of the Epic EVO Pro is its lightweight and durable FACT 11m carbon frame. This frame, crafted with precision, is engineered with Specialized's renowned Rider-First Engineeredâ„¢ technology, ensuring optimal performance and responsiveness across all frame sizes. The frame's geometry strikes a balance between stability and agility, allowing riders to confidently navigate technical sections and tackle challenging climbs.

The Epic EVO Pro features a 120mm FOX Factory fork and a 110mm FOX Factory shock, providing a responsive and controlled suspension system. These high-performance components offer exceptional damping capabilities, allowing the bike to absorb impacts and maintain traction, providing a smooth and comfortable ride even on rough and uneven terrain.

Equipped with a 12-speed SRAM drivetrain, the Epic EVO Pro offers a wide range of gears to tackle both steep climbs and fast descents. The SRAM components are known for their precise shifting, durability, and reliability, providing riders with efficient power transfer and smooth gear changes. The bike's chain retention system ensures chain security even on rough trails, reducing the risk of chain drops and enhancing overall performance.

The Epic EVO Pro features a FOX Factory dropper post, allowing riders to quickly adjust their saddle height on the fly. This enhances maneuverability and control, especially on steep descents, providing riders with the flexibility to adapt to changing trail conditions with ease.

Rolling on 29-inch wheels, the Epic EVO Pro strikes a balance between roll-over capability and nimble handling. These larger wheels, combined with tubeless-ready tires, offer excellent grip, traction, and puncture protection, ensuring confidence and durability in various trail conditions.

Specialized has prioritized rider comfort and control in the design of the Epic EVO Pro. The bike's handlebar and stem combination provide a balanced and comfortable riding position, allowing riders to stay in control and tackle technical sections with confidence. With its exceptional suspension system, precise shifting, and thoughtful component selection, the Specialized Epic EVO Pro Bicycle is ready to conquer any trail with speed, agility, and confidence.

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  • Lightweight and durable FACT 11m carbon frame with Rider-First Engineeredâ„¢ technology
  • FOX Factory 120mm fork and 110mm shock for responsive and controlled suspension
  • SRAM 12-speed drivetrain for efficient power transfer and smooth gear changes
  • FOX Factory dropper post for quick and convenient saddle height adjustments
  • 29-inch wheels for enhanced stability and traction
  • Tubeless-ready tires for excellent grip and puncture protection
  • Thoughtfully designed handlebar and stem combination for a balanced riding position
  • An exceptional mountain bike that delivers speed, agility, and confidence on any trail
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Size Small Medium Large XL
Wheel Size 29" 29" 29" 29"
Stack 593mm 597mm 611mm 629mm
Reach 406mm 436mm 460mm 485mm
Head Angle 66.5° 66.5° 66.5° 66.5°
Seat Angle 74.8° 74.5° 74.5° 74.5°
Top Tube Length 567mm 602mm 629mm 659mm
Head Tube Length 95mm 100mm 115mm 135mm
Standover 779mm 781mm 793mm 804mm
Fork Trail 114mm 114mm 114mm 114mm
Fork Offset 44mm 44mm 44mm 44mm
Bottom Bracket Drop 36mm 36mm 36mm 36mm
Front Center 697mm 729mm 759mm 792mm
Wheelbase 1132mm 1164mm 1194mm 1227mm
Chainstay Length 438mm 438mm 438mm 438mm
- FlipChip system allows headtube angle reduction by .5 degree, also lowering BB height by 10mm - Expert Series offers XS size
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