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The Epic World Cup emerges as the epitome of swiftness in the realm of XC race bicycles, particularly excelling on smooth to moderately technical courses due to its unparalleled amalgamation of efficiency, control, and lightweight design. As articulated by World Champion Christopher Blevins, the bike offers a comprehensive fulfillment akin to a hardtail, alongside the commanding authority and adaptability synonymous with a full suspension system. The attainment of this high-velocity apparatus involved a meticulously orchestrated integrated development approach, encompassing the inception of a groundbreaking shock technology and leveraging four decades of triumphant off-road expertise.

From a conceptual framework, the engineering collective embarked on a mission to actualize maximal velocity by means of unrelenting power transmission efficiency and exacting handling. This endeavor necessitated the establishment and subsequent achievement of novel benchmarks in torsional rigidity and bottom bracket stiffness. This ambitious pursuit materialized through the harmonization of a structurally superior double diamond frame configuration, housing the shock unit within the upper tube, culminating in the fabrication of the most sophisticated composite layup in the chronicles of Specialized's engineering history.

The velocity-enhancing prowess of the Epic World Cup is underpinned by an innovative shock technology meticulously conceived and engineered by the Specialized Ride Dynamics team. This revolutionary shock system endows the rider with the swift and responsive characteristics intrinsic to a hardtail, harmonized with the governance, capabilities, and momentum-retention attributes emblematic of comprehensive suspension setups—facilitated through an intuitively streamlined configuration. In a collaborative effort with RockShox, the SID Deluxe WCID shock integrates a distinctive and independently adjustable duality of positive and negative air springs. This ingenious arrangement not only bequeaths the coveted hardtail-like responsiveness but concurrently bestows the capacity to surmount diverse terrains, while allowing for personalized setup adjustments tailored to specific courses or individual rider preferences. The shock's versatility, ranging from rigid to supple, permits riders to seamlessly toggle between firm and open settings, thereby furnishing a wide spectrum of suspension characteristics.

The Epic World Cup's 75mm rear travel transcends its categorical confines, conferring upon it the handling and capabilities tantamount to significantly lengthier travel-oriented bicycles. Engineered for operation near its zenith, it yields effective travel characteristics akin to a 100mm travel bike set at 25% sag. To further optimize suspension dynamics, the Specialized Ride Dynamics team adroitly calibrated the spring rate to sustain relative flatness throughout the mid-stroke, thereby adeptly managing a majority of impact forces akin to bicycles with extended travel ranges. Notably, the incorporation of the custom Mega Jounce Bumper, a component of substantial proportions, represents an industry-first innovation. This pioneering element assumes a pivotal role in seamlessly mitigating bottom-out occurrences during pronounced impacts, thus ensuring an impeccably smooth and controlled riding experience.

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  • The Epic World Cup is a pinnacle of XC race bike swiftness, excelling on smooth to moderately technical courses.
  • Efficiency, control, and lightweight design synergize to create its unparalleled speed.
  • World Champion Christopher Blevins highlights its hardtail-like benefits along with full suspension control.
  • An integrated development approach, innovative shock, and decades of off-road expertise birthed this speed machine.
  • Engineering team establishes new torsional rigidity and bottom bracket stiffness standards.
  • A structurally superior double diamond frame layout integrates with top-tube cradled shock.
  • The most sophisticated composite layup in Specialized history contributes to its frame.
  • Specialized Ride Dynamics team invents revolutionary shock tech for the Epic World Cup.
  • SID Deluxe WCID shock offers hardtail-like snap, terrain-devouring forgiveness, and customizable setup.
  • 75mm rear travel defies category, akin to longer travel bikes, aided by custom Mega Jounce Bumper.
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Size Small Medium Large XL
Wheel Size 29" 29" 29" 29"
Stack 600mm 600mm 614mm 628mm
Reach 415mm 440mm 465mm 490mm
Head Angle 66.5° 66.5° 66.5° 66.5°
Seat Angle 74.5° 74.5° 74.5° 74.5°
Top Tube Length 581mm 612mm 641mm 670mm
Head Tube Length 930mm 950mm 110mm 125mm
Standover 761mm 764mm 774mm 786mm
Fork Trail 113mm 113mm 113mm 113mm
Fork Offset 44mm 44mm 44mm 44mm
Bottom Bracket Drop 58mm 58mm 57mm 57mm
Wheelbase 1124mm 1150mm 1181mm 1212mm
Chainstay Length 430mm 430mm 430mm 430mm
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