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The best tires for mid range, challenging conditions that favor speed and control are often variations of XC/trail designs, and this is now not only common but essential as larger volume, tubeless ready variations allow for increased footprints that don't require massive knobs to be very effective across versatile trail conditions. With 27.5" and 29" sizes up to 2.6", the Specialized Ground Control GRID 2Bliss Ready T7 Tire is more than ready for Enduro bikes, and just as fun on a Stumpjumper for weekend trail adventures. The key to this tire is the GRID casing, which amplifies the surface and sidewall protection to prevent puncture and abrasions at low pressure, but also adds overall tire stability that becomes apparent and trusted in 2.3-2.6" widths.

Specialized uses CAD engineered knob shapes to strengthen and firm up the knob structures for optimal braking and traction, but it keeps the knob rubber surfaces adaptable for the best possible ground control with the proper combination of space and edge diversity. The 60 TPI GRID casing is heavier but drastically so given it's protection level. It remains supple enough, and allows for a great footprint with control at low pressure that is enhanced by the 2Bliss Ready design, which features a more flexible and fast sealing butyl bead. The Ground Control GRID 2Bliss Ready Tire features Specialized's GRIPTONĀ® T7 compound that maximizes mechanical grip, damps vibration, and offers unparalleled traction in either wet or dry conditions. This is a serious trail tire you can ride every day, year round, on most terrain and feel confident and in control.

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  • Exceptionally versatile, more protective GRID trail tire that is fast and assertive when you need grip and traction on most surfaces, but it shines on that mid-pack variety, not quite soft, not quite hard
  • Highly protective GRID casing, adding weight but delivering supreme confidence
  • Great true trail tire with capability from XC to Enduro to use depend on your needs
  • Often chosen for Enduro or All Mountain trail conditions that are fast and challenging
  • 60 TPI delivers increased flat and sidewall protection, as well as additional stability
  • GRIPTON® T7 maximizes mechanical grip, damps vibration; offers unparalleled traction in wet or dry conditions
  • Tread has proper combination of space and edge tread diversity from optimized tread using Finite Element Analysis along with CAD shaped knobs
  • Knobs placed in a 2-3-2 directional center system, with paired shoulder blocks in a line
  • Foldable butyl wrapped bead = 2Bliss Ready
  • Sizes / Approx Weight / Pressure range:
    • 26x2.35" / 695g / 25-50 psi
    • 27.5x2.35" / 800g / 25-50psi
    • 27.5x2.6" / 850g / 25-50psi
    • 29x2.35" / 845g / 25-50psi
    • 29x2.6" / 900g / 20-40psi
  • Color: Black
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