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Merino wool blend socks are ideal for cool and cold weather endurance exercise. Properly developed, the socks can offer warmth when wet or dry, while maintaining odor protection. Specialized's calf-touching Merino Midweight Tall Socks feature an ideal blend of VaporRize™ polyester and Richter™ Merino Wool to achieve optimal results. There is a key to ideal results with such socks, and while polyester and Merino fibers can wick away moisture- always desirable for a better climate with the foot and the sock, it is crucial that once it releases it can actually escape the next layer, especially with low and mid-weight wool blends, which can't trap enough warm air to overcome the cooling effect of moisture in cold temps. So keep that in mind with your shoes, booties, etc.

The VaporRize ™ polyester / Merino fiber blend does truly help move moisture, and the polyester yarn also helps give the sock some strength and reinforcement where needed. You can easily see the reinforced zones at the heel and under the toe, as well as the compression band around the arch zone for some support. The toe construction itself is considered seamless and all of the necessary fabric transitions are smooth clean. The 7" tall sock has a reliable upper stretch cuff and light vertical compression from the knit design which combine to hold the sock up. Which we consider an important reason why one would choose a tall sock. The midweight is a perfect option for cool and cold rides with proper layering, ideally keeping you warm and as dry as possible during high output exercise. And yes, they feel and look quite nice, so you find them to be a little more "versatile" around the house as well.

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  • Calf-height 7" midweight cycling socks with Merino wool/polyester blend
  • VaporRize™ blend of polyester and Richter™ Merino wool offers exceptional warmth and odor protection
  • Lightweight footbed cushion and mid foot arch support offers great all day comfort
  • Reinforced heel and toe for exceptional durability
  • Seamless toe construction
  • Cuff height: 18cm/7"
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL
  • Colors: Black, Charcoal
  • Made in Italy
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