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Road Saddles

Pro-series Power saddles from Specialized represent the true start of the race-purposed models. You save a little weight, find more pure performance features like the stiffer, tuned FACT carbon fiber shell, and in the case of the Power Pro MIMIC Elaston Saddle, you not only get the MIMIC soft tissues protection and support system, but also move to thinner, though highly technical, innovative and supremely effective Elaston padding that also reduces weight. This model will truly favor the cyclist who craves minimalism AND premium comfort.

The genesis of the Specialized Power saddle evolved around the need to engineer a better women's race-level saddle, such as this race oriented Power Pro-level model. The goal was to develop one that truly eased the pressure and pain from soft tissue interaction with the saddle. The shortened length, shaping, and general features proved some advantage, and surprisingly tested well with men. Still, the Body Geometry testing and design team became aware and confirmed that while a central cut-out relief channel could be effective for many men and some women, many women still had serious issues. The team began to understand that proper support could be much more comfortable than a void. The result of the co-development process drove the design of various foam technologies that could offer the proper level of support, at a reasonable recess from the saddle platform. As the design served to mimic the shape and anatomical requirements, it was called MIMIC, and here it is integrated into the Power Pro MIMIC Saddle, now also featuring Elaston padding.

The aptly named Power Saddle line represents the push for the best combination of power, efficiency and actual physical health and comfort while riding in an aggressive position. Yes, it is designed for forward hip rotation, such as what you'd find while riding in the drops, or simply having more overall drop from the saddle to the top of the bars. The shorter structure of the saddle is often referred to as "stub-nose" though not all short models truly fit that term. By removing the forward extension of the saddle, where few people actually ride much, the Power Pro reduces the area forward of the main sit bone contact points. This adjustment eliminated a friction zone, and it also had the effect of keeping the rider in-place more, to the physical location where an informed bike fit process would identify the best extension and fore-aft set-up for efficient, repeatable, powerful pedaling. The Power design has been shaped for this posture, with a proper width and central relief channel. It is designed to reduce pressure on soft tissue and get sit bones placed and lifted in the proper width support zone to reduce pressure on soft tissue, as well as impingement of nerves and arteries. Development though lab and rider testing directly informed the addition of MIMIC which mimics the body’s response to different types of pressure to create equilibrium within soft tissue. Thus the team applied this MIMIC technology in a multi-layer system using various foam materials to maintain equilibrium and minimize swelling in soft tissue.

This brings to the specifics of the Power Pro MIMIC Elaston Saddle. At first glance one can see that the open cutout of the standard Power design appears gone. Actually it is still there in the shell itself, but the key central soft tissue zone (essentially where the shell cutout is), is partially filled in and has smoother transitions all around. The overall comfort effect of the rest of the saddle is also dictated by shell providing the sitbone support, and the thinly applied Elaston foam, which is made using small beads that are expanded into foam which Specialized describes as “the feeling of sitting on 1,000 miniature pillows”, offering far, far more comfort, support and protection than you'd expect from their Level 1 padding thickness scale. All serve to lift the bone structure to reduce pressure on arteries, nerves and soft tissue, but Elaston adds a cushion effect not duplicated with other foam systems. The MIMIC zone starts in the shell cutout, with soft memory foam that delivers anatomical support to prevent soft tissue swelling. Moving out towards the nose, soft foam eliminates pressure. The overall effect is proper blood flow, with less harsh pressure points, and supportive equilibrium even when in the aggressive riding posture the Power was optimized for.

Of course, this system is also tied in with the saddle width concept used by Body Geometry, which ideally finds the general saddle width and shape that hits the sitbone widths of the rider. Neither MIMIC nor Elaston is likely to be effective if a rider chooses a 143mm saddle and actually needs a 155mm width version. Specialized dealers have the means to assist you with this rather personal assessment, but when you are shopping online it can be more challenging. Understanding saddle widths, models, and shapes that have been better for you in the past can be very helpful in this regard. A saddle that is too narrow means the sitbones aren't being supported, and likely brings soft tissue into conflict over a larger area, while stressing the sitbones and pelvic floor. A saddle that is too wide can force the legs outward from the pelvis, impacting pressure, pedaling alignment and again, increasing certain pressure zones.

The Power Pro MIMIC Elaston Saddle comes in those two widths: 143mm and 155mm. The crucial component making it a Pro-level is the lightweight, stiff FACT carbon fiber shell that was designed for competition use. This platform is flex-tuned for support and ride compliance, wonders of carbon as an applied material. The shell is carried by hollow round titanium rails, and the saddle is compatible with the SWAT saddle-mounted accessory system. The Power has been embraced by serious enthusiasts and the racing community. If you have struggled with soft tissue discomfort and pain, the MIMIC system may very well offer significant relief. Elaston just adds more support and comfort overall. A Body Geometry saddle with the combination of MIMIC and Elaston may deliver the best combination of materials available in a race-grade saddle today.

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  • Race-oriented saddle designed for more aggressive riding postures for long hours on the bike with the lighter weight, thinner but more effective Elaston padding complementing the MIMIC memory foam technology
  • Excellent shorter (240mm long) saddle platform for pedal power and efficiency
  • Slightly lifted tail/sloping sides for a cleaner path to pedals, the slight tail lift provides rear stability
  • Optimized for the needs of women, (but not specific to) properly sized MIMIC-equipped saddles can provide relief
  • Innovative MIMIC technology uses multilayered materials to maintain equilibrium and minimize swelling in soft tissue
  • Patented Body Geometry design is lab-tested to ensure blood flow to sensitive arteries, support sensitive tissue
  • Elaston foam provides unrivaled comfort and support on longer rides
  • It employs small beads that are expanded into foam which offer far more comfort, support and protection in the applied thickness
  • Level 1 padding: Lightest level of padding for the most direct connection to the bike
  • Tough, lightweight, and water-resistant synthetic cover
  • Race-ready FACT carbon fiber shell is flex-tuned for support and ride compliance
  • Lightweight, resilient and forgiving hollow 7x7mm round titanium rails
  • SWAT™-compatible mounts molded into the saddle base allow for sleek, integrated storage
  • Width options: 143mm, 155mm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 238 grams (actual, 143mm width), 240 grams (actual, 155mm)
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