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This surprisingly thin cool weather sock is capable of the best thermal performance-to-weight ratio within a wide temperature range thanks to the magic of Primaloft polyester yarn. The development of the yarn has it's fiber origins as water-resistant, synthetic insulation. The way it is constructed into yarn creates a very low bulk when knitted, but with tiny internal air pockets that trap heat, and because the fibers don't absorb water, will also keep you dry by releasing releasing moisture and excess heat out and away from the skin. The soft yarn does have a high capacity for heat retention with the thin material, making it ideal for socks.

Specialized's designers have opted for a soft terry-loop footbed and toe, that delivers more overall comfort and more air space for thermal retention. Given that most cycling insoles are thin, and cold travels through metal screws and receiver plates that rest under the ball of the foot, that is an inevitable cold spot in a crucial zone, regardless of wearing booties or covers. You can see the overall attention to detail in the seamless toe, reinforced heel, and various directional knits to balance stretch and structure. A 7" high compressive cuff rises up to about the calf, with an effective hold to keep the sock up even while riding- which of course is desirable in cooler weather.

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  • Impressively thin, warm sock with calf-height cuff, great fit, soft feel, and good hold
  • Primaloft® construction reduces bulk but offers greatest warmth and breathability
  • The polyester yarn offers the best thermal performance-to-weight ratio within a wide temperature range
  • Soft terry-loop footbed and toe provide comfort and warmth for transition weather
  • Ideal for transitional weather as sock offers great moisture wicking and thermal regulation
  • Seamless toe construction
  • Cuff height: 7" / 18cm (calf-high)
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL
  • Colors: Black, Black/Charcoal, Dove Grey
  • Made in Italy
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Helmets- Evade II, Prevail II, Echelon II, Propero III, Airnet
Helmet SizeSML
Head Circumference 51-56cm (20-22")55-59cm (21¾-23¼")59-63cm (23¼-24¾")
Helmets- Tactic 4, Gambit, Mode
Helmet SizeSML
Head Circumference 51-56cm (20-22")55-59cm (21¾-23¼")58-62cm (22¾-24½")
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Specialized Euro3637383940414243444546474849
Mens US4.2555.756.57.5899.610.611.512.251313.7514.5
Specialized Euro3536373838.53939.54040.54141.54242.54343.544
Womens US55.756.57.257.588.599.259.51010.510.751111.512
Sock SizeS M LXL
US Shoe Size4-67-910-1213+
Specialized Euro Shoe Size36-3940-4243-4546+
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Palm Length<10.8cm10.8-11.1cm11.1-11.3cm11.3-11.7cm11.7-12.1cm>12.1cm
Thumb Length<6.1cm6.1-6.4cm6.4-6.8cm6.8-7.1cm7.1-7.4cm>7.4cm
Palm Circumference<21.5cm21.5-22cm22-22.5cm22.5-23.5cm23.5 - 24.5cm>24.5cm
Womens Gloves
Middle Finger Length<6.4cm6.4-6.9cm6.9-7.4cm7.4-7.8cm7.8-8.4cm>8.4cm
Palm Length<9.3cm9.3-9.7cm9.7-10cm10-10.4cm10.4-10.8cm>10.8cm
Thumb Length<5.1cm5.1-5.4cm5.4-5.7cm5.7-6.1cm6.1-6.5cm>6.5cm
Palm Circumference<17.5cm17.5-18.5cm18.5-19.5cm19.5-20.5cm20.5-21.5cm>21.5cm
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