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Mountain Tires - 29 inch - Tubeless

The GRID casing series tires from Specialized deliver bead to bead protection and add a little more casing stability to tires that may have been known for a more supple feel. However with the 2Bliss Ready system you can really grind through the trail conditions with less fear of rock abrasion or punctures. It just adds a new level to proven designs.

When you want a mountain bike tires that sits clearly outside XC and doesn't quite get you to Enduro events, you have hit the middle ground- where the vast majority of mountain bikers live- on the trail. You know the places and rides where you need a great all around tire that keeps you moving through all the variables: speed sections, climbs, descents, creek crossings, mini rock gardens, and so on. That is where the Specialized Purgatory series lives, and the GRID 2Bliss Ready version is favored by those who want to push the tires through more technical conditions with absolute minimal fear of flatting.

True to the all around moniker, the new, completely redesigned Purgatory tread features square lugs that bite in on soft soil, while still providing support on hard-packed ground. Additionally, flexible center paired sipes fold out under braking force for increased ground contact and adhesion as part of a 2-2-3 set of repeating knobs that define the center tread. To top it all off, Specialized's proprietary GRIPTONĀ® compound helps make this the perfect choice for epic trail rides in any conditions. This is a go to tire for 120mm-130mm travel 29" trail bikes and riders with a real focus on 3-4 hour destination ride, or an out and back that stays fun and challenging throughout.

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  • The standard bearer for true light trail tire performance, can be run front and rear, or paired with an XC rear, or heavier trail tire up front; ideal for epic trail escapes with friends
  • Bead to bead GRID casing, adding some weight but paying off in abrasion and puncture protection and greater sidewall support at lower pressures
  • 60 TPI casing is manageable and supple enough, allowing for a great footprint with control at low pressure
  • GRIPTON® maximizes mechanical grip, damps vibration; offers unparalleled traction in wet or dry conditions
  • Redesigned tread features square lugs that bite in soft soil, while providing support on hard-packed ground
  • Flexible center sipes fold out under braking force for increased ground contact and adhesion
  • Foldable butyl wrapped bead = 2Bliss Ready
  • Sizes / Approx Weight / Pressure range:
    • 29x2.3" / 810g / 25-50psi
    • 29x2.6" / 900g / 20-40psi
  • Color: Black
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