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Mountain Tires - 29 inch - Tubeless

Specialized Renegade CONTROL 2Bliss Ready Tire

Ride hardpack on your XC bike for most of the season? Love speed, but know you need a little more traction on exposed lines? The 60 TPI CONTROL casing version of the hardpack hero Renegade 2Bliss Tire is the best choice for XC trail riders in everyday use, as well as being a great option for XC racers in training, while favoring the S-Works model on race day. With better cut protection and a denser, wider tread pattern, you get more control and security on the trail with a minor weight penalty.

One only wants to live on the edge so much, so the Renegade's tread has enough shoulder and edge bite to hold a line, especially when taking advantage of low pressures afforded by the 2Bliss Ready tire. Though it has a rounder crown shape at higher pressures, dropping down to the mid point of the psi range changes the nature of the tire, so know you terrain and your pressures and you can a combination of speed and grip that plays to your strengths.


  • XC tire perfect for fast accelerations and climbing over hard-pack terrain
  • More protective CONTROL casing, adding some weight over the S-Works, but still fast
  • 60 TPI casing is lightweight, supple, and allows for a great footprint with control at low pressure
  • Casing supports slightly wider, denser tread than S-Works version; features a slight extension in the casing overlap
  • The overlap provides better protection against cuts and pinch flats
  • GRIPTON® maximizes mechanical grip, damps vibration; offers unparalleled traction in wet or dry conditions
  • Compound recipe filters low and high frequencies for ground stability and control
  • Fast-rolling directional, low knob tread design with carefully shaped/angles knob blocks to grip and provide traction while reducing weight tire
  • Tread blocks have been optimized to adapt to slippery surfaces with enough bite for loose ground
  • Maintains enhanced cornering traction and braking effectiveness with larger shoulder edge knobs
  • Foldable butyl wrapped bead = 2Bliss Ready
  • Sizes / Approx Weight / Pressure range:
    • 29x2.1" / 560g / 25-50psi
    • 29x2.3" / 610g / 25-50psi
  • Color: Black