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Gravel Tires Tubeless

Specialized considers the Rhombus Pro’s aggressive tread designed for aggressive riding on aggressive trails. While that is certainly the case, we see it as a true all-rounder for gravel and gravel/tire riding. With more tire clearance and more capability, current gravel bikes can take on tougher trails than ever before. Tires are one of the most integral components for a gravel bike’s ride quality and the Rhombus Pro 2Bliss delivers. It provides unmatched traction, confident cornering and improved comfort when the gravel road turns to single track, yet rolls fast enough for decent hardpack speed and won't feel like a mud tire on pavement. The tubeless ready design featuring Specialized's 2Bliss system gives you much more control and pressure range to adapt the 700x42 tire to various terrain requirements.

The chain of low profile, progressive, triangular zoned center tread knobs allow you to carry safe speed on hardpack and pavement, while creating controlled, driving traction points in softer material- keeping you on-line and relaxed. When the terrain gets rougher, the center offers some purchase and damps small impacts. Alternating lines of shoulder/edge knobs offer serious hook-up, paddle propulsion, and rock control. The combination of the tread heights and patterns combine to shed loose material and mud as needed. Specialized proven and quite capable GRIPTON compound offers inherent grip, low rolling resistance, and superior cornering traction, and enables the tread pattern to shine on aggressive terrain. The tire relies on it' consistent flexible structure provided by the bead to bead Endurant Casing system, which also offers abrasion and puncture protection. The Rhombus Pro 2Bliss Gravel Tire is a deserving competitor to other aggressive all around gravel tires with great reputations, and may just surpass them all.

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  • Ideal tubeless ready tire for gravel and trail riding requiring an aggressive and confident tread, build
  • Directional combination tread pattern grips and grabs, rolls with speed and confidence
  • Butyl wrapped bead = 2Bliss Ready
  • Tread and compound keep you in complete control while turning, braking on gnarly gravel and trails
  • Stays supple in freezing temperatures and even delivers surprising grip over wet rocks and roots
  • GRIPTON® rubber compound has extremely low rolling resistance and superior cornering traction
  • Bead to bead Endurant Casing delivers consistent feel and excellent abrasion protection
  • 60 TPI casing is supple enough, conforms and allows safe flex at low pressures, and is durable
  • Size / Approx weight / Pressure range: 700x42 / 575g / 35-65psi
  • Color: Black
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