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Let's get the most important fact out of the way, the S-Works Aethos frame weighs 585 grams in a 56cm. This makes it the lightest production frame ever made. Built in a complete package with SRAM Red AXS HRD and Roval Alpinist wheels it results in a 13.8lb build that is fully capable for all the requirements of road cycling, even racing. Of course it would be about a couple of pounds below the UCI weight limit. Another fact is that although the S-Works Aethos carries a race geometry, it was engineered and developed to offer the apex cycling experience for the serious enthusiast who appreciates the ultimate in quality and design, with the cleanest aesthetic, an incredible finish, and wondrous ride quality. With exciting and verbiage-defying new colorways for 2023, the S-Works Aethos frameset is hotter than even

The story of the Aethos is pure Specialized. The achievement of the frameset design represents virtually all of the foundational principles of the company, except one. For one of the leading proponents of aerodynamic design for road cycling and racing, as exemplified by the Tarmac SL7, aerodynamics was never factored in to the development of the Aethos. Having struck the perfect balance between light weight and aerodynamics for the SL7 race machine, the engineering problem of building the lightest, most exceptional riding road bike was incredibly appealing. While the team at Specialized knew it was going to be a massive challenge, having solved unbelievably complicated problems with the SL7, they may not have anticipated new and more efficient applications of carbon fiber, or that as a result they'd discover a Continuous Curvature Design strategy. The end result of Aethos process pushed the most innovative team in cycling development to new heights and will certainly inform and impact the future.

The Aethos frame has been designed with the perfect combination of ultimate ride feel, light weight, and style; from accelerating up steep pitches and descending technical descents, to all-day saddle comfort on even the longest and most competitive coffee rides, the Aethos hits the mark. This was achieved by reinventing the traditional road tube shapes found on bikes of the past, subtly altering these visual shapes to deliver massive gains in stiffness and balance, all without affecting weight or durability. That visual story appears simple on some level, but it was the application of carbon technology and incredible engineering capabilities to find the stress loads, tube thicknesses, and how to best integrate all of the shapes and engineering requirements in ways you can't see to create the Aethos. This new process, with an entirely-new layup system tapped into the R&D system Specialized has perfected over multiple decades to be the most innovative company in cycling.

The creation and engineering story is ripe for a graduate course offering, so the discussion must turn the possibilities and rationale of the rider experience. A featherweight frame is useless without confidence-inspiring ride characteristics, which is the team developed the Aethos to have the perfect balance of front and rear stiffness combined with exceptional overall ride quality. By studying the flexing and breathing of carbon fiber, the testers were able to discover groundbreaking findings about how forces flow through frames. With just a few firm pedal strokes you’ll realize this sublime ride sets a new standard. Every detail has been designed with style, weight, and durability in mind, everything required in pursuit for the perfect ride. The geometry is exceptionally close to that of the Tarmac SL7, with a few modifications that may add up to a subtle handling difference if you were comparing each bike built with the same exact kit.

The electronic shifting-only Aethos frameset is equipped with a 27.2mm round seatpost, the Roval Alpinist to be exact, which offers some engineered flex into the upper portion that adds to the frame compliance and weighs a scant 136 grams in the 300mm length. Not to worry, it is rated for a rider weight up to 275lbs. The frame and fork can accommodate tires up to 32mm with 4mm of clearance on both sides. The fork steerer is round, accepting standard stem and bar set-ups. Every detail is smooth and clean. Clean as in spare, in most cases, like the execution of the rear thru-axle dropouts and derailleur hanger. Even the Flat Mount caliper interfaces of the frame and fork exhibit zero waste. Every line, every junction just feels so economical and judicious in the use of materials. The subtleties are there, sometimes hidden by the amazing finish options, sometimes accentuated by them. Again, no real aero impact, as even the internal wiring set-up avoids the headtube integration mechanics quiver over. Still, the system is clean, simple, and looks totally inline with the Aethos concept. There isn't a single detail on the frame that has been overlooked. It is an amazing frameset: stunning, brilliant, and eminently rideable, which is truly the best part.

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  • Lightest production frame ever made, engineered for a singular road cycling experience
  • S-Works Aethos FACT 12r Carbon frame, Rider First Engineered™, Electronic only, Flat Mount disc interface, 12/142mm thru-axle
  • S-Works FACT Carbon fork, tapered, headset, Flat Mount disc interface, 12/100mm thru-axle
  • Ultimate combination of ride feel, light weight, and style
  • Road race geometry, and race capable, but developed for the serious enthusiast who desires the lightest weight and exceptional ride characteristics, cleanest aesthetics
  • Perfect balance of front and rear stiffness combined with exceptional ride quality
  • Continuous Curvature Design strategy developed tubes with subtle, elongated conical sections deliver the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio ever tested
  • Utilizing longer, unbroken plies, every fiber is structural and reduces weight substantially
  • Rated for 275lb rider weight
  • Max tire size: 700x32mm, with 4mm on either side
  • Designed for standard equipment: 27.2mm round post, standard stem-cockpit
  • Frameset requirements: Electronic wired or wireless shifting only, BSC 68mm threaded bottom bracket, braze-on front derailleur, Flat Mount disc calipers for 140-160mm rotor use, 275lb max rider weight
  • Can be built with a 1x drivetrain- removable front derailleur mount
  • Frameset includes: Headset/carbon spacers, Roval Alpinist Seatpost (12mm offset, 27.2mm x 300mm, 136g rated for 275lbs), machined 12/100mm, 12/42mm thru-axles
  • Sizes: 49, 52, 54, 56, 58, 61 cm (49, 52 w/300mm long seatpost / 54, 56, 58, 61 w/360mm)
  • Color: Satin Carbon/Jet Fuel
  • Weight: 617 grams (56cm, actual weight)
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