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Speciaized's S-Works Carbon Zee Cage II is a lightweight sideloading bottle cage design made from FACT carbon fiber, which offers durability and retention at a low weight despite it's accessory capability. The design has incredible bottle holding power, with an easy side draw and return angle. The sideloading system was designed for frames with limited inner main triangle space, especially if you want to use taller bottles. Though it is perfect for many small bikes and odd designs, we have found that many riders also use them on larger frames, simply as a preference.

Specialized also designed the S-Works Carbon Zee Cage II to be compatible with their SWAT™ system for tool and storage integrations, with some options depending on the frame design- see the notes below.

How to order the proper sideloading cages(s): The "side" the cage opens towards is determined by the cage facing you, as if it was mounted on the downtube (inner triangle). So right handed person who needed or wanted a sideloading cage for a downtube would order the Right version. If that same person also wanted a seattube mounted cage to face to the right, they would then need a Left version. This applies to a left handed access as well. So if you want two cages to face the same side, buy one of each. If you want one accessible from each side, buy two of the same version.

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  • Lightweight carbon sideloading bottle cage design with great retention- available as Right or Left
  • Side-loading design allows for secure bottle retention with easy in-and-out accessibility for frames with a compact bottle mounting area
  • FACT carbon construction creates a splendid fusion of strength and light overall weight
  • Sleek, minimalist design clean matte carbon aesthetic and minimalist S-Logo
  • SWAT™-compatible design allows for storage and tool integration
  • Accepts SWAT™ Cage Mount MTB Tool
  • Accepts MTB SWAT™ Box (when used on compatible frames)
  • If you want two cages that both face the SAME SIDE, with one that mounts on the downtube, and one that mounts the seattube you need to buy 1 Right and 1 Left
  • Options: Right (R-side access on DT, L-Side access on ST), Left (L-side access on DT, R-side access on ST)
  • Color: Matte Carbon
  • Weight: 28 grams
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