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If you have followed the MTB XC World Cup circuit for years, you have likely gotten tired of seeing Specialized riders parade up and down the podium. No tire dictates success, but tire choice and performance plays a role, and many of the Specialized team riders have chosen the S-Works Fast Trak for a variety of courses that favor speed and all-around capability. The S-Works Fast Trak 2Bliss Ready T5/T7 has become synonymous with fast and lightweight tires that are able to handle the most technical courses and the most grueling conditions. This model redefines what was thought possible with a cross-country tread design. The Block-In-Block design uses a taller adaptable inner block to pierce the ground and claw for traction. The larger outer structure supports the inner block for additional speed, traction, support and stable handling. Adding to this, the Fast Trak profile and knob spacing has been optimized for a wide variety of internal rim widths.

Tire development at Specialized never stands still, with constant evaluation and feedback in the office and on the ground. The engineering of the GRIPTON rubber compound concept, and it's application in various versions for specific tire requirements has elevated the performance of virtually every tire Specialized has used it in. In the S-Works Fast Trak 2Bliss, the rubber is carried by a superior, supple, and strong 120 TPI casing and maximized by the reliable 2Bliss ready bead. The S-Works casing is the lightest and most supple construction, shaving every gram possible from rotational weight. To top off this premium build the T5/T7 dual compound uses T5 center knobs for minimal rolling resistance and T7 shoulder knobs for extra cornering grip.

The R&D team created a compound recipe filters low and high frequencies for ground stability and control that cross-complements the 2Bliss capabilities, allowing for a pressure range of 25-50psi, and the footprint options that range creates. The directional tread block design and pattern utilizes the full combination of build and compound to create a ride quality and tire control that allows the rider to excel at high speeds, as well as tackle those rough rock sections that appear out of nowhere- usually a muddy loop through the woods. The S-Works Fast Trak 2Bliss is a tire any XC racer or XC fast trail rider will appreciate when sealed onto both wheels. It can also be used a rear only option with a more assertive front with more technical trails loom ahead.

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  • XC race/XC tubeless ready tire optimized via dual compound rubber for speed, with enough control, and grip on firm or hard surfaces, while handling rock and moderate surfaces as necessary
  • Premium edition, with lightweight, most supple casing, seen for years dominating on World Cup XC long courses and short tracks
  • 120 TPI casing is lightweight, supple, and allows for a great footprint with control at low pressure
  • GRIPTON® rubber compound has extremely low rolling resistance and superior cornering traction, with inherent puncture protection
  • Compound recipe filters low and high frequencies for ground stability and control
  • T5 center durometer rolls fast with low rolling resistance, while shoulders feature T7, which is slightly softer for greater edge control and grip
  • Block-in-Block pattern is carefully arranged for fast rolling abilities and superb traction
  • Tread blocks have been optimized to adapt to slippery surfaces with enough bite for loose ground
  • Tight central angled, directional, fast pairs, move to singles with more angle, out to edge with shaped, longer pairs that offer bite and hold with traction in soft materials at lower pressures
  • Fast Trak offers more versatility than appears, especially when wet, but is no doubt a speed XC tire
  • Foldable butyl wrapped bead = 2Bliss Ready
  • Sizes / Approx Weight / Pressure range:
    • 29x2.2" / 575g / 25-50psi
    • 29x2.35" / 615g / 25-50psi
  • Color: Black
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