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Gravel Tires Tubeless

When the ground is soft or the mud is real, the S-Works Terra 2Bliss Ready Tire is made for cyclocross racers who want to keep the speed, high, the traction practical and take advantage of the versatility of lower pressure, supple tires without the mess and hassle of tubular glue. While feasible for some gravel racing events where a narrower, lower volume tire might be a decent choice, gravel races are often harsher with more abrasive conditions over a day-long event where a lighter tire might not be quite durable enough compared to a 45-60 minute cross race. That said, in addition to a light and supple 120 TPI casing, featuring a grippy T7 GRIPTON® compound, the S-Works Terrais also equipped with a new GRID RACE sidewall protection- a lightweight cross-woven polyamide mesh material that is tear and puncture resistant but still very elastic for a supple ride ideal as a cross campaign tire option.

While the tread pattern of the Terra is more open and aggressive, the variously shaped tread knobs still offer some speed while prioritizing rough grip and traction with good durability. They can grab hold in flattened grass, rip through mud or provide excellent hold on softer ground. That is one reason a cross racer may opt for an S-Works Terra up front with a faster tire like the Tracer out back. Options are good, and the variability of course conditions throughout a racing day may force a re-evaluation by a rider whose class goes off later in the day. The GRIPTON T7 rubber compound provides grip in all course conditions and will give you confidence on every race lap. It also wears moderately well and has lower rolling resistance and good durability. It is the ideal mix for racing where tires take a beating but still need to be fast and offer real grip. And, when you factor in the the sidewall protection, running lower tubeless pressures will give you a larger footprint with this 33mm tire, which is crucial for the mixed surface transitions and off-camber tracks and corners prolific in cross racing. Having the GRID RACE protection means you receive the best combination of abrasion resistance, low weight, and speed, all while maintaining a responsive feel at any wheel angle. A strong 2Bliss bead holds to the rim at low tire pressures, and the tire cross-section is designed to meet the UCI rule of 33mm Width as Measured on a wide, modern rim shape.

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  • Optimally a mud a or soft-conditions cyclocross tire- featuring a more open angled tread knob pattern
  • A more assertive front tire, ideal if the course is a bit muddy, softer or requires more front wheel bite like a slick, flattened grass
  • Also a great front and rear pairing on any soft course, muddy day, or when the sand is soft
  • Generally UCI compliant at 33mm on wider, modern rim designs- though you should measure WAM once mounted
  • GRIPTON® T7 compound offers real grip and reliability, with good speed and lower rolling resistance
  • Directional tread pattern offset, open angled tread knobs with transition knob to shoulder-line edge biting tread
  • GRID RACE sidewall protection is a supple, lightweight, cross-woven polyamide mesh material that is tear and puncture resistant
  • Casing: 120 TPI ensures the overall tire is supple and offers the flex and give to be responsive on varying surfaces at lower weight
  • Bead: Folding
  • Butyl wrapped bead = 2Bliss Ready for secure hold to the rim and air/sealant retention
  • Size / Approx Weight / Pressure range:
    • 700x33 / 360g / 25-50psi
  • Color: Black/Brown
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