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If gravel race is your dominion and premium power transfer, incredible ventilation, and ideal fit define your cycling shoe requirements, the Specialized S-Works Vent EVO Gravel Shoes must sit at the top of your wish list. Essentially combining the best features of the S-Works Mountain Shoe with the Gravel concept and the venting system of the S-Works Vent Road shoes, this is a gravel shoes designed to dominate.

The commitment of Specialized to a scientific approach and in-person fit experience combined with incredible input from their pro cycling teams and athletes over decades has allowed the engineering and design teams to continually work from a detailed foundation that was built from innovation and allows for informed iteration and improvement as technologies and materials advance. Hence the S-Works Vent EVO's mesh-paneled upper featuring Dyneema® fibers and the perhaps the best vented and most efficient carbon outsole ever produced, as well CNC machined BOA® dials that offer precise micro-adjustments in 1mm increments. Every feature, material, and component of the S-Works Vent EVO Gravel is premium grade and essential to the overall performance. Specialized also carried over the Form Fit last which improves toe-box room and is known for increased overall comfort and connectivity from foot to shoe.

The design team has eliminated stitched seams in favor of a bonded approach that eliminates friction inducing transitions, ensuring comfort and fit. The best cycling shoes disappear. The engineered mesh upper and tongue system lets air flow freely throughout the shoe, while an added a layer of Dyneema® Mesh keeps maintains a serious control of your foot, ensuring pro-proven power transfer. The upper moves and conforms where required, but is strong and stable where it needs to be, and retains a consistent flex and feel. The informed shape of the opening and closure process is anatomic, which drives the placement and function of the BOA® S3-Snap Fit System, which draws the upper perfectly without creating folds or pressure points. Dual alloy dials with durable spring clutch internals create the option of micro-adjustment made on-the-fly in precise 1mm increments. Specialized keeps a toe-box Velcro closure, smartly allowing for the capability of isolating this key and isolated pressure zone during the ride. At the rear, the PadLock™ heel construction cradles the heel so it can't slip and reduce energy. This is proven to improve acceleration.

The clean and simple effect of superior sole and upper technology can add to a classic effect as well, as S-Works shoes do have a minimalistic visual impact. The super stiff and ultra light XC FACT carbon plate it used, with it's Stiffness Index of 13.0, the stiffest mountain platform Specialized offers, so power transfer is optimized. The PadLock heel construction is incredibly effective at cradling and holding the heel, with proven performance while accelerating. The last is Specialized's Form Fit, which is designed with the aforementioned roomy toe box and allows the shape of the foot to conform for great connectivity, while remaining comfortable. Their SlipNot rubber heel and toe tread offers grip and durability, while removeable toe studs offer year round, conditions specific customization- making this a great option for cyclocross as well.

The Body Geometry story is no longer questioned, after decades of proven products and continual development as new materials and research come to the fore. These scientifically derived features work with most body types, with some generalization, but it is impossible to have a single system for every human being. Body Geometry features of the S-Works Vent EVO Gravel Shoes include the Varus Wedge, Longitudinal Arch, and Metarsal Button. As a key construction element of XC FACT carbon plate, the 1.5mm built-in Varus Wedge stabilize the natural movement of your forefoot and improve knee alignment by creating a natural with the inner portion of the foot raised that 1.5mm from the outer portion. This creates a more natural position and angle, which also can improve power and efficiency. The Longitudinal Arch is comprised of two aspects. First is the molded arch support in the outsole itself. The second lies within the arch of the insole. The Body Geometry footbeds are available in three arch height options to best support the natural shape of the individual, preventing arch collapse and again creating an optimal foot support for power delivery without fatigue. The Metatarsal Button is also in the insole. It lifts the foot under the zone to the rear of the toe bone structures, creating a more natural shape. The foot, like the hand, has a natural curve- it is not flat. If the foot is too compressed, the structure flattens, with the potential to impinge nerves and surety of reducing blood flow, which results in numbness and potential damage. You can see the progression of the support and comfort choices made to ensure foot health and performance. This is Body Geometry, and it has improved cycling experiences for countless individuals.

There is no doubt that cycling shoes are one of the toughest gear items to buy, and simply because you have used an S-Works shoe before doesn't mean the Vent EVO Gravel Shoes will fit you perfectly. That is the same for any shoe and brand. Hopefully some of the fit information listed here will help. Also, keep in mind that if you are coming from a different brand, Specialized's European sizing (43, 44, 45...) may be slightly different than the brand you have been using, so make sure you look at the combination of US sizing, and if available the centimeter length of the sole across the brands. Those will help you properly size the length of this fantastic S-Works Vent EVO Gravel Shoe.

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  • No compromises, premium vented gravel cycling shoe with excellent stiffness, comfort, and style
  • Cutting edge materials, technology, science and lab/real world testing ensure quality and results
  • Body Geometry sole and footbed are ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to boost power, increase efficiency, and reduce the chance of injury by optimizing hip, knee, and foot alignment
  • BG features: Varus Wedge (outsole based), Longitudinal Arch and Metatarsal Button (insole)
  • Stiff, light FACT Powerline™ XC carbon plate maximizes power transfer: Stiffness Index 13.0
  • Vented Mouthport toe box pulls air in through the front of the shoe, channels it around your foot, exits out rear ports
  • Dyneema® Mesh in synthetic upper is trapped between layers of four-way stretch mesh and TPU to create no-stretch zones for the ultimate connection and comfort
  • Engineered mesh upper and tongue let that air flow freely throughout the shoe
  • Layer of Dyneema® Mesh to keep strong-hold of your foot, ensuring pro-proven power transfer
  • Independent BOA® S3-Snap Fit System, w/CNC's alloy dials with durable spring clutch internals for on-the-fly micro-adjustment in precise 1mm increments
  • PadLock™ heel construction cradles the heel and is proven to improve acceleration
  • Titanium alloy cleat nuts can slide 5mm fore-aft
  • Non-slip, replaceable heel tread with internally recessed screws for security
  • Form Fit last with a roomy toe box for the ultimate in connectivity and comfort
  • Two-bolt cleat pattern fits all mountain bike clip-in pedal systems
  • Sizes: 36-49 (options: 1/2 sizes from 38-47 generally available)
  • Colors: Black, Red (limited sizes stocked
  • Weight: 300 grams (approx. per shoe, size 42)
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